Pixel Dreams is a multidisciplinary collective of designers, technologists, artists, and philosophers.

Why we exist

Our mission is to contribute to the advancement of humanity. We seek collaboration with people and organizations making radical impact in fields such as decentralized technologies, neuroscience, health, environment, and education.

How we contribute

We provide partners and clients with the following services: business and marketing strategy, design, branding, visual communication, UX UI, web, and new media.

Design = Art + Science + Making a difference

What we've done

Our work spans a diverse range of sectors and industries on every continent*. More importantly, 20% of our resources has been dedicated to R&D to continue expanding our horizons.

Pixel Dreams reach

* With the exception of Antarctica. Know anybody there?

Connect with us

We're hungry for massive change.

What we've been up to

Art, science, design, and culture

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