A little bit about us.


We are a multidisciplinary collective of designers, technologists, artists, and philosophers. We are dedicated to the intersections of art, design, and science.

No customers please, only partners.

Teamwork and collaboration enable success.

Your team and ours will join forces and become one entity, like Voltron, the ass‑kicking robot from the future.



Our services

Our core competencies include strategy, branding, design, UXUI, web application, and video. We take a strategic and design-centric approach to all things that we do.


Learn about our approach to strategy

Our marketing philosophy

Strength from the core

An organization’s brand vision is the foundation for all things, from its identity to its communication strategies. It is for this reason that our journey begins here.

01. Brand vision
Brand vision begins with the “Why”. It answers questions like: Why does the organization exist and what is its ultimate purpose? What is the vision and mission of the organization? What is the organization’s core ideology and envisioned future? How does the organization bring value to the world?

02. Brand identity
This is your organization’s name, visual style, voice, and personality. You may have a strong core, but do you look, sound, and behave the part?

03. Brand assets
Includes brand book, business cards, letterheads, sound mark, video bumper, sales literature, apparels, etc…

04. Communication channels
Websites, blogs, social media properties, retail POS, online stores, sales team, call centres, annual conference and webinars/panels, presentations, member support, etc…

Core team



Lannie Le

Lannie Le

Partner & Creative Director
Head of Experience & Technology

Kal Sayid

Kal Sayid

Founder & CEO
Head of Operations & Learning

Trevor Landon

Partner & Art Director
Head of Design, Culture & Morale

Sarah Eskandarpour

Sarah Eskandarpour

Inbound Marketing Director
Researcher & Writer

Mark Galura

Mark Galura

Multidisciplinary Designer


Daniel Libby

Daniel Libby

Video Storyteller & Editor
Researcher & Writer

At the core

Why we exist
Help raise the intelligence and consciousness of humanityWhat guides our team
Pursuit of knowledge, process, and continued optimism

How we contribute
Creative services include strategy, branding, design and development,
visual communication, UX and UI, content for web and new media

What we’ve done
Our work spans a diverse range of sectors and industries on every continent*. Over 20% of our resources is dedicated to learning and R&D initiatives that continue expanding our horizons, deepening our knowledge, and moving us closer to our purpose.