10 Reasons You Don’t Want to Work at PD

⚠️ You are forewarned. Proceed with caution. ⚠️

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This article is in draft. Watch out for updates.

Dear candidate looking for new opportunities, green pastures, and fulfilment in work and play: This article is both a sneak peak and a warning to all the fantastic candidates looking for new adventures. Adventures we have. Opportunities are boundless here. Times are exciting. Faces are friendly. Our clients are to-die-for. And yet, you are reading an article called ten reasons why you don’t want to work at PD.

This article intends to air out our dirty laundry. Not all work environments are suitable for you. At PD, we have an eclectic and intense culture. For some, our culture is the only place to want to work. For others, working at PD would be hell. Take the time to understand, get to know, and ask questions. PD might not be the right place for you.


Team Quotes

In our latest culture review, we asked our team members what are a few reasons why someone wouldn’t like working at PD. The quotes below are words of encouragement and warning from team members new and tenured.





Goals you will hit. 🎯

We will hold you accountable to your professional and personal goals. One can say, “we have “accountability groups.” You can also say, “we have drill sergeants and executioners.”

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Health you will improve. 🫁

We expect you to eat healthily, work out, and continuously improve your health. If you are unwilling to take care of number one (that’s you), you will underserve our team and clients.

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Wisdom you will pursue. 🧠

We expect you to study, learn, get mentored, and continuously invest in your knowledge and wisdom. We live in the information age, and you are a knowledge worker. Don’t love studying? You’ll hate PD.

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Teamwork you will cultivate. 🫀

We expect you to play fair, fight hard, argue passionately, lead with kindness and curiosity, and cultivate teamwork. It’s all about the team. Never about you. NEVER.

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We not me, will be your mantra. ✊

We expect you to take extreme ownership of failures and give all credit to the team for successes. Leadership and servitude are studied, practiced, and exemplified. Have an Ego? It will shatter here, and so will you.

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Laugh, cry, and cringe; you will simultaneously. 😅

We have an eclectic, wide-in-spectrum, no-bs, anti-pc culture of laughs and giggles. We joke, laugh, and giggle every day, so much that it hurts. Being at PD won’t be a laughing matter if you have a sensitive sense of humour. Not to say we won’t laugh — at you.

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Pain you will endure. 😳

Only the gritty survive at PD. Loud or soft-spoken, jock or geek, gal or guy: grit is what binds us together. If you are weak-kneed or weak-willed, you will be crushed here.

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Host with humilty and honour you will 🥰

Hosting is in our DNA. What does hosting mean? Graciousness, kindness, openness and more. All great qualities in hosting come from a genuine curiosity to understand other people’s realities. If you don’t like and trust people, you’re not getting near our clients or team members.

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Professional Joker is the hat you will wear. 😎

We exude professionalism at work and are a bunch of jokers at play. PDTers live in the extremes of work and play. We dig deep and muster the goal needed to win championship games. We also party hard like the world is going to end. If you live in the middle, this place will stretch you dead.

Team Quotes




Coachable and open is who you are. 🫡

Team members are malleable, coachable, and great students of mentors and life experiences. All realities are possible. Working here will aggravate you if you have a tough time dealing with tough feedback or are closed to realities outside your current belief systems.

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