Connect by ditching the corporate retreat, opting for true getaways

Connect by ditching the corporate retreat, opting for true getaways

The corporate retreat is as old as Flashdance (maybe older). The real value of a company getaway lies in its ability to connect with colleagues junior to senior. This, connection creates a level playing field. It sparks discussion and debate both lively and serious on a variety of subjects with no consideration for hierarchy or pecking order. It can create a sense of collaboration you will never arrive at in an office or board room.

Pixel Dreams Getaways are usually held at a near-northern Ontario lake with cabins, if not at a shiny Airbnb in Montreal, NYC, or Ho Chi Minh City. We are packed together two or three to a room populated with bunk beds, a couple of chairs and bathrooms. Being packed together gives us a chance to expand our minds, and get to know one another. As we leave our home city, and as the kilometres click by, stress seems to seep away, smiles grow wider, jokes become sillier and somehow funnier and the world seems to be a much happier place. It’s when we pull up to our home away from home that each of us say a silent thank you, and bond as a family not just a work team


2018 Summer Getaway – Cruise’n Temagami


A strategic decision

Bonding and collaboration is a strategic decision that benefits organizations in multiple ways, especially for harnessing creativity. A key ingredient to a multidisipliary agency like PD. Our getaways spark epiphanies and new ideas for client, community, and our team. Many make us excited to get back at it with renewed energy and excitement. In the Monday-to-Friday workplace it is easy to become almost isolated. We, each of us, have our own tasks, projects, areas of expertise and schedules to focus on.


2018 Summer Getaway – A Client Emergency


The importance of play

Work is not always the perfect environment where a project manager is likely to share their creative perspective and point of view with an art director, or an intern with a seasoned strategist. When you declare NO WORK, and level the playing field by being at play, unexpected talents are revealed and fresh points of view take shape.


2018 Summer Getaway – Little Buddha


Benefits of anticipation

The anticipation of a pending getaway always creates sense of excitement around the office. While counting down the days, productivity increases, creativity is heightened,and smiles grow broader and last longer. Benefits of true getaways versus corporate retreats.


“Anticipating a reward increases dopamine. While you may have learned that dopamine is a neurotransmitter that results in pleasure, you might not know that it’s also involved in behavior. Scientific research has found that spikes in dopamine help regulate levels of motivation, which leads individuals to initiate and persevere to avoid something negative or obtain something positive.”


The introduction of new points of view always sparks a renewed vibrancy in our work. A company getaway doesn’t feed the bottom line immediately, but continuously in the long run in ways unexpected. True getaways create a sense of closeness filled with memories, inside silly jokes and all manner of unrelated, unbusiness type things. The fact that we return to work raring to take on any and all new initiatives is the secret benefit most organizations miss out on.


Making Memories > Making Money


2017 Summer Getaway


2016 Summer Getaway

In the year 2019 we look forward to Spring into Montreal Getaway (May 02-05), Summer Cottage Getaway (Aug 14-17), and Hot Winter Vietnam (Dec 09).
During our getaway, we will be unreachable by email, phone, or carrier pigeon.

Image source: Hip, Hip, Hurrah! Painting by Peder Severin Krøyer, 1888

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