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Does your organization have a clear purpose larger than profit, serving customers, or being the best in your industry? Is your organization’s ultimate purpose clear and known by your staff, customers, and community? Below you’ll find our 2019-Q1 presentation on our ‘Massive Transformative Purpose’ (MTP). Our goal in sharing this resource with you is three-fold.

  1. To highlight the strategic and cultural advantages of having purpose beyond just making money
  2. To strengthen your organization, club, team, and community
  3. To uphold our purpose, which is to increase global I+C


In this presentation you’ll learn the importance of having purpose, why it’s important to ‘Start With Why’, initiatives we’ve executed, and a handful of useful frameworks, resources, and books.

When you want to build a ship, do not begin by gathering wood, cutting boards, and distributing work, but rather awaken with men/women the desire for the vast and endless sea.
– Antoine De Saint-Exupery

If you have any questions, or would like to learn more about how we help leaders crystallize and present their organization’s purpose to their team and community, please reach out here. Please feel free to share this resource, duplicate it, and customize it to your needs.



Presentation title: Our mission at PD. Our contribution to the world.
Presentation date: 2019-03-08
Presentation itinerary:

  1. Defining MTP
  2. Why bother?
  3. Our MTP: What it is, and why?
  4. Our MTP: Defining I+C
  5. Our MTP: Effort and Action
  6. Appendix, Q&A

Google Slides Presentation


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