How to Do Epic Sh*t

Advice from Human Potential Specialist Casey Combden

When you negotiated the salary for your last job, what was your dream number? $200k a year? $300k? 

At his peak in the late 90s, Business Coach and Human Potential Specialist Casey Combden was raking in $500k — a month. With inflation, that’s well — a metric crap tonne of money.

While he has enjoyed the kind of success most people write off as impossible, Casey has also been down in the dirt. As he shared the peaks and valleys of his roller-coaster career, he got emotional, choking up when he spoke about the stomach-churning drop from grossing $40 million a year to living in Ontario housing. 

So, what are the lessons Casey imparted on the Pixel Dreams team? How did he go from being a club DJ in Toronto to one of the richest men in Canada? How did he survive a divorce, a motorcycle accident, and getting sued by the company he dedicated his life to? How did he turn it all around to found his successful coaching business, Human Potential International?

Here are 5 pieces of wisdom he shared with us.

1. Get a mentor

Casey says his mentors, which include strategic planner Dan Sullivan, helped him skip 20 years of trial and error by imparting age-earned knowledge on him. Though, even Casey’s mentor underestimated him. His original goal of making $100,000 a year in 5 years seemed like peanuts 4.5 years in when he was making millions.

2. Start reading

The greatest investment you can make is into your own mind, and reading is basically the insider-trading secret of personal development. The knowledge that can be found between book covers (and for free with a library card!) is literally life-changing. 

3. Fail

Every successful person has or will have a story of failure. Falling from a great height is not something to be ashamed of — it’s an opportunity to survive and climb even higher. Even when he lost, Casey found a way to live up to his “IN2WIN” license plate. 

4. Focus on who you are not what you do

Don’t make your entire life about a company or a job. Stay focused on yourself as a person, and you will be able to survive and thrive through the ups and downs. While at first, “eating the company culture for breakfast” served Casey well, the company eventually turned on him. Because his identity at that time was so wrapped up in the company, he was devastated. However, he made it through because he was able to recognize himself as a powerhouse outside of his previous role.

5. Don’t fall into the mind projection fallacy

“It’s not true. It’s just true for you,” he says. You can’t live life as if your experience applies to everyone else, and vice versa, like their experience applies to you. Sometimes you have to carve out a space for doing what’s right for you — and only you. Other times, having the power to step outside your own reality will give you the perspective you need to move forward.

Don’t wait to do epic shit. Why not start at number 2 right now? Here are some books that might change your life. 

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