Getting started with Pixel Dreams: Our onboarding process

Getting started with Pixel Dreams: Our onboarding process

Smooth journey

New to Pixel Dreams?
Great relationships take time to build. Choosing the right agency partner can sometimes be complicated. We’ve developed a process designed to provide a smooth start to our partnership, from getting to know each other to kicking off our engagement. It consists of the following steps:

Step 01: Introductory call

(10-15 mins)

Our main goal for this call is to determine the potentiality of working together. We’ll also discuss some high-level questions, forecast the type of engagement we might pursue, and schedule our diagnostic meeting.

Step 02: Diagnostic meeting

(90-120 mins)

In this meeting we’ll determine what the engagement explored in our previous call would look like. It’s important that all decision makers are present for this discussion about your competitors, marketing strategy, and more. If we mutually discover that we can bring value to your organization, we’ll dive into the following:

  • Past work & case studies
  • Engagement journey
  • Potential timeline
  • Appropriate investment allocation
  1. Outcome 01: No. We thank you kindly for your time.
  2. Outcome 02: Yes. build an estimate and statement of work (SOW) together

Step 03: Presentation of proposal and SOW

(15-30 mins)

Based on our diagnostic meeting, we will present a proposal and walk you through an initial statement of work. One of two things will happen next:

  1. Outcome 01: Your team requires additional time to review the SOW. We schedule a follow-up meeting. This can happen via phone/email/video conference.
  2. Outcome 02: SOW is signed. We schedule our project and move on to the Kick-off meeting!

Step 04: Kick-off meeting

Exciting times!
The kick-off will introduce you to the PD Team members that will be leading your project, and allow them to meet your team. While this can happen through a video call, we prefer to go on a lunch or dinner date. This gives our teams a more dynamic opportunity to mind-meld, merge, and unite.

To learn how Pixel Dreams uses this oboarding process to kickstart world-class solutions for your world-class vision, contact us here.

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