🇨🇦 Associate Creative Director – Story & Copy



Creative leaders who have outgrown the ad agency norms
(or are frustrated by them)



Creative leader with a zeal for lifelong learning. Strong back, soft front, kind heart, open mind, keen logic, sharp wit, clear communication. Love raising the bar of excellence. Loathe office politics and bureaucratic rigidity.


Creative agency in the messy middle of building a creative Voltron for an epic purpose and equally epic clientele. Big logos, small egos. High autonomy, low turnover. Diverse by nature, not policy. Take work seriously and ourselves lightly.


Associate Creative Director with a strong Copywriting background to serve creative people and creative ambition.


Creative and strategic capabilities.

Bonus scores
  • Leadership and mentorship experiences.
  • B2B portfolio with Boring-2-Brilliant creative for at least one global B2B brand.
Starting salary

From $96K and up, negotiable and relative to demonstrated capabilities and competencies.


Boundless. How big will you dream? How high will you aim? How far will you go?



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