🇨🇦 Creative Project Manager

As a Project Manager, your mission is to efficiently deliver both client and internal projects, simplifying the complex and bringing smiles to our stakeholders’ faces.



    • English
    • Mandarin


    • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience


    • 2 years to 3 years as a Project Manager
    • Experience in software UI and UX design
    • Experience as a digital designer or related experience

Work setting

    • Based in Toronto
    • Hybrid Work



🔐 Responsibilities

Here’s what we need you to be able to do / task:


  • Project Ownership: Take full ownership of projects from initiation to completion, ensuring all aspects are well-coordinated and delivered with the highest quality.
  • Client and Team Communication: Effectively communicate with clients, vendors, partners, and internal team members. Lead meetings, present ideas, and manage diverse personalities with grace and professionalism.
  • Learning Management Systems (LMS): Utilize your proficiency in building and administering Learning Management Systems to enhance project delivery and meet client objectives./li>
  • CEO and Team Support: Provide valuable assistance and support to the CEO, partners, and our multidisciplinary team, fostering a collaborative and productive work environment.
  • Written Communication: Exhibit clear and concise written communication skills, ensuring documentation and project updates are easily understood by all stakeholders.
  • Process Utilization: Utilize established systems and processes, including the Scrum framework and Asana, and contribute to their enhancement. Create new processes when necessary to streamline project workflows.
  • Cultural and Language Skills: Leverage your experience in the Taiwanese marketing or tech agency sector, with fluency in Mandarin, to effectively serve our current and future Chinese-speaking clients.
  • Digital UI/UX and Software Industry Experience: Apply your expertise in digital UI and UX design processes within the software industry to contribute valuable insights to project development.
  • Web Development Awareness: Familiarity with the web development process is essential, along with a basic understanding of Google Analytics and SEO.
  • Adaptability and Open-mindedness: Embrace an attitude of adaptability and open-mindedness, ensuring flexibility in handling diverse project challenges and dynamic team environments.
  • Pressure Management: Remain composed and effective under pressure, simplifying complex challenges to facilitate efficient problem-solving.



🏅 Experience & Specialization

Prepared for duty


  • Experience in digital UI and UX design processes and the software industry.
  • Marketing or Tech agency experience in Taiwan, and fluency in Mandarin to serve our current and future Chinese-speaking clients.
  • 2-3 years of experience as a project manager OR any relevant experience that you believe will contribute to your success.
  • Familiar with the web development process and have a basic understanding of Google Analytics and SEO.
  • An attitude of adaptability and open-mindedness.


  • Dedication to personal development.
  • Passion for non-fiction literature.
  • Enjoyment of social gatherings.


You are aligned with our cultural values.






🛡 Attributes

We seek candidates who possess the following attributes:


  • Thrive in a fast-paced environment.
  • Exceptionally organized with keen attention to detail.
  • Team player with a solutions-oriented mindset.
  • Masterful communicator (both written and verbal).
  • Quick learner with a passion for continuous improvement.
  • Avid reader.
  • Sense of humour.

If you are a driven Project Manager who meets the above requirements and is excited about joining a dynamic team, we encourage you to apply. We value diversity and welcome applicants from all backgrounds. Apply now and be part of a thriving work environment where you can make a difference in delivering exceptional projects.



📨 Application

Are you ready?


Respond to this posting with a brief cover letter containing the following:

  • “Hello, I am (insert your name) in (insert your location) and I have (insert number) years of project management experience.”
  • Include your favourite quote on leadership and management, and tell us what it means to you.
  • End your letter with a laugh — literally. Tell us your 3 favourite comedians and why they blow your mind.


Please include your resume and/or any relevant links (PDF format only for attachments)


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