🇨🇦 Jr Account Manager


We are seeking whip-smart, tactful, high-performing Jr Account Managers.

If you love hosting others, and want to join a highly creative and dynamic team, keep reading.


Be swift, make the impossible simple, and inspire smiles.



🔐 Requirements

What defines success in this role:


  • Collaborate with project teams to deliver projects on time, and within budget
  • Manage clients, vendors, partners, and team members with grace
  • Lead interactions with curiosity and compassion
  • Speak your mind with tact and humility
  • Assist and support the CEO, partners, and a multidisciplinary team
  • Present ideas, lead meetings, and manage different personalities with professionalism
  • Instill trust and confidence in clients, vendors, partners, and team members
  • Write friendly, concise, clear emails
  • Proficient in systems and processes such as Scrum framework and Asana


You are aligned with our cultural values.






🛡 Attributes

Attributes of a qualified candidate:


  • Loves a fast-working, no-BS environment
  • Organized with a high attention to detail (Translation: sh*t doesn’t fall through the cracks)
  • Enjoys forming strong relationships with others
  • High emotional intelligence
  • Unbothered by curse words
  • Leads with humility and respect
  • A coachable team-focused player
  • Communications master (written and verbal)
  • Looks and behaves professionally


  • You are dedicated to personal development
  • You are coachable, and hungry for growth and mentorship
  • You stay on top of industry and market trends
  • You can identify cross-sell opportunities with existing clients
  • You’re a bookworm with an affinity for non-fiction
  • You enjoy sharing laughs and good times with your team


    🏅 Experience

    Grit, gratitude, glee


    • 2-3 years in a client-facing role OR
    • Any relevant experience you believe will enable your success, and an attitude of adaptability and open-mindedness
    • Compensation commensurate with experience and performance



    📨 Application

    Are you ready?


    Respond to this posting with a video containing the following:

    • “Hello, I am (insert your name) in (insert your location) and I have (insert number) years of account management experience.”
    • Include your favourite quote on leadership and management, and tell us what it means to you.
    • End your letter with a laugh — literally. Tell us your 3 favourite comedians and why they blow your mind.
    • Share an unlisted link to your video.


    Ensure resumes and/or any relevant documents are in .pdf format when responding to this application.

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