Post-Production Intern

We are seeking a post-production editor and / or motion graphic artist. Meaning if you can do both, awesome! If you can only edit or only do motion graphics, it’s still awesome! If being immersed in highly creative and dynamic work sounds like your cup of tea (or whatever you want to put in your mug — we’re not judging), please keep reading.

  • Requirements

    Here’s what we need you to be able to do:

    • Edit and/ or animate (motion graphics) video content
    • Prepping, organizing, and grouping footage
    • Research and implement new post-production techniques
    • Generate and elevate video concepts and ideas
    • Understand and communicate narrative arcs
  • Attributes
    • Creative thinker
    • Thrives in a fast-working, no-BS environment
    • Organized with a high attention to detail
    • Unbothered by curse words and strong personalities
    • Team player
    • Solutions-oriented
    • Strong communication skills
    • Quick learner
    • Solid sense of humour


    • Writing experience
    • Graphic design experience
    • Experience with colour correction and/ or VFX
    • Passion for fllm, tv, and advertising
    • You are dedicated to personal development
    • You’re a bookworm with an affinity for non-fiction
    • You enjoy a good party
  • Experience & Attitude
    • Must be fluent in Adobe Premier and / or Adobe AfterEffects
    • Positive attitude
    • Excited about challenges and improving your skillsets
    • Any relevant experience you believe will enable your success, and an attitude of adaptability and open-mindedness
    • Compensation will be commensurate with experience and performance.


About Pixel Dreams

Pixel Dreams is a creative agency based in Toronto, Canada. Our company is small in size and ego, and big in everything that matters: purpose, audacity, creativity, capability, opportunity, tenacity, transparency, community, and play.

At Pixel Dreams, there are no dull days―only full ones.

Three themes bind our team together:

  1. Grit: We share a painstaking dedication to growth―personally, professionally, and collectively.
  2. Gratitude: We appreciate life and each other. We reflect on gratitude daily and weekly.
  3. Glee: We laugh daily. We take work and study seriously, but not ourselves.


Typical Day

  • Take part in daily morning check-ins and afternoon stand-ups
  • Work closely with the strategy and development teams, as well as clients
  • Direct reporting to the leadership team
  • Read, study, learn, teach
  • Joke a lot and laugh a lot
  • Reflect on your day, journal, track performance


What propels our team

  • Attention to health
  • Dedication to learning
  • Alignment with values
  • Unified purpose: to raise intelligence and consciousness.



Why Raise I+C?


The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them.
Albert Einstein

We have the potential to solve all of life’s individual and collective challenges. Climate change, civil rights, health, or the economy – our most complex challenges can be solved when we raise our collective intelligence and consciousness.

Read more about our purpose: Raising I+C


Application requirements

Respond to this posting with a video containing the following:

  • “Hello, I am (insert your name) in (insert your location) and I have (insert number) years of post production experience.”
  • Include your favourite quote on leadership and management, and tell us what it means to you.
  • Include your reel and 2 to 3 examples of your best work (videos in their entirety)
  • End your letter with a laugh — literally. Tell us your 3 favourite comedians and why they blow your mind.

Please include your resume and/or any relevant links (PDF format only for attachments)

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