🇨🇦 Senior Copywriter – B2B Focus

Pixel Dreams is seeking senior copywriters obsessed with B2B copywriting, advertising, and marketing.

We’ll only review and respond to candidates with an introduction letter showing your copywriting obsession and B2B experience. So please, only apply if you live and breathe both. Thank you for understanding and saving everyone’s time.

If you’re the one, you’ll have a fantastic time teaming up with playful creatives, collaborating with respectful clients, creating impactful work for a growing clientele of 80% B2B and 20% B2C brands, and reaching decision-makers on many levels―from local and regional to national and global.


🥇 Missions


Write copy to engage and persuade business audiences


Move the world with words



⚔️ Qualities & Capabilities

Here’s a checklist for success in this role.


  • You are a creative mind, a lateral thinker, and an eloquent writer.
  • You are insightful because you are inquisitive. You ask open-ended questions and listen with curiosity.
  • You keep a notebook to jot down ideas, insights, lessons, and reminders.
  • You enjoy learning new things to hone your mental sharpness and expand your repertoire.
  • You read wide and deep, including books on business, strategy, psychology, marketing, branding, and advertising.
  • You are keen on observing people, seeking to understand human behaviour, which helps you appreciate, empathize, and influence people.
  • You are an independent yet collaborative team player. You bring ideas and perspectives to your team. You are open to feedback and change.
  • You embrace debates and speak your mind without reluctance. You can disagree and still commit to your team’s decision.
  • You are repulsed by mediocrity and thus driven to create great work.
  • You love working with words―ideating, writing, rewriting, editing, and killing darlings until what remains is essential and enjoyable.
  • You consider complex wording and unclear phrasing a product of lazy thinking.
  • You demand good copy to be clear and concise―and push for witty and wise when you see fit.
  • You can figure out what to write and how to write it―to suit any situation, audience, and medium.
  • You can put your taste and style aside―to resonate with an intended audience for a desired outcome.
  • You have at least five years of copywriting experience in the creative business of branding, marketing, and advertising.
  • You are a composed communicator, able to articulate and present ideas to diverse clients and audiences.
  • You can express a big-picture vision with keen attention to the smallest detail.
  • You are tech-savvy and adaptable to new technologies and systems quickly.
  • You are growth-minded and coachable.
  • You are cultured, not snobby, confident, not egotistical, humorous, and not crass.
  • You are a person of your word in every sense.


You embody the core values upheld at Pixel Dreams.

These are non-negotiables.





🛡 Responsibilities

Expectations of what you can and will do


  • Research, write, review, and edit copy and content for any medium, format, and style (campaigns, ads, videos, websites, emails, landing pages, presentations, events, socials, speeches, stories, and whatever it takes to engage and persuade)
  • Contribute to strategy, vision, direction, execution, presentation, and delivery of campaigns and projects
  • Understand client objectives, project constraints, and market context to hone ideas and develop recommendations
  • Develop messaging framework and write copy for it
  • Continue expanding your perspective and deepening your expertise
  • Raise thought leadership for Pixel Dreams and our clientele
  • Appreciate the creative process and help evolve it
  • Embody creative excellence and help elevate it
  • Take part in cultivating teamwork and nurturing company culture
  • Teach others what you know
  • Future: build, manage, lead, mentor and grow creative team (strategists, writers, and designers)


What you can expect in a typical day and week at work


  • Report on your focus (beginning of the work day) and status (end of the work day)
  • Stay on top of your assignments and commitments
  • Flow between deep work (working alone) and collaboration (working with teammates and clients)
  • Help your teammates and clients remove obstacles and achieve goals
  • Track your time invested at work
  • Track your personal & professional development goals and efforts
  • Hold yourself accountable to the personal & professional goals you choose to share
  • Record key learnings and decisions in your professional journey doc
  • Express your gratitude for others (and hear others express theirs for you)
  • Joke and laugh a lot with your teammates and clients
  • Have social lunch together (on the days you work from one of our locations)



🌏 Opportunities

If you are the right fit for this role and company, your opportunities here are expansive.


  • Enjoy fulfilling work and meaningful relationships (there will be unavoidable tedious work and sticky relational situations from time to time)
  • Play a vital role in shaping the body of work created by Pixel Dreams
  • Write for our company and clientele, including global and local brands across industries (about 80% B2B and 20% B2C)
  • Experiment with a diverse range of creative mediums and formats
  • Collaborate with a cohesive and fast-moving team in a stimulating and ever-evolving environment
  • Do your best work in a company committed to servant leadership, radical transparency, and kaizen operations
  • Waste no time on organizational politics and interpersonal conflicts
  • Study new things and teach what you learn
  • Pursue growth and leadership opportunities
  • Make decisions and see them through successes, failures, and lessons learned
  • Become comfortable stepping out of your comfort zone, again and again
  • Build and lead your creative team
  • Grow yourself by bringing growth to your team and company, your family and community, and your clients and their teams
  • Find more avenues to make the world a better place
  • Help raise human intelligence and consciousness
  • Enjoy fair compensation commensurate with your ambition and performance



📑 Application

Believe you’re the one?


Prove it with an introduction letter, show us…

  • Who you are, where you are, and what makes you the write one for this particular role at this peculiar company
  • Share your favourite quote on copywriting/storytelling and another on leadership/management, and what they mean to you
  • List your three favourite comedians and why they blow your mind
  • List your three G.O.A.T.s in the area of copywriting/advertising/marketing, how you study them, and how their work influences yours
  • Include your portfolio or relevant links (PDF format only for attachment)
  • Add anything you want us to know about you

Reminder: We’ll only review and respond to candidates with an introduction letter showing your copywriting obsession and B2B experience. So please, only apply if you live and breathe both. Thank you for understanding and saving everyone’s time.


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