A candidate’s journey

Our Hiring Process


Your adventure begins with Pixel Dreams

There you are. Searching for your dream job.

And there it is. A posting that intrigues you.

There’s something different about this role that stands out to you.

And the ideal candidate sounds just like you.

The choice to begin the adventure is yours. And you take it.

You craft a killer cover letter with your resume and press “submit.”

Many are called. Few are chosen.

First impressions matter, and you make the cut for an initial encounter.

You receive a surprisingly in-depth and unique questionnaire.

This is your chance to share a little more about yourself and your own personal brand.

  • Our first date.

    We meet for a brief virtual interview.
    You charm us with your wit, smarts, and style.
    Your promise is evident.
    But we don’t want to rush this courtship.
    We want to get to know the authentic you.
    And for you to get to know us.

  • The courting phase: Let’s get acquainted

    To find our true match, Pixel Dreams assembles a short list of candidates to “compete” in a series of challenges to prove their compatibility.
    And you are selected to test with us and show us what you got.


    Over the course of the next few weeks, you are given several paid projects.


    These assignments test your craft. Challenge your mental dexterity. And light you up from within.


    You crush it. You are among the best of the best.

  • The final step. The choice is yours.
    Congratulations are truly in order, because you make it to the final round: reverse interviews.


    This is your chance (and the final date) to meet multiple Pixel Dreamers and ask them whatever is on your mind and in your heart.


    This is also your opportunity to explore if Pixel Dreams is the right fit for you (we’re not everyone’s cup of tea Earl Grey, Hot.)


    And then, just like that:


    YOU get the rose.


    We choose you. And you choose us.


    And the real adventure with Pixel Dreams begins.


    You’re Hired!



As we grow as a company we have been receiving increasing amounts of applications, therefore we cannot guarantee any particular applicant will make through our deep hiring process. Selection is based on merit and only the most impressive candidates will be considered.

Every hiring experience is unique. This storyline is a general overview and not reflective of all hiring journeys at Pixel Dreams. Certain roles and positions require more steps and some require less. Overall, our HR department strives to make your experience enjoyable and enlightening. Our mission is to raise intelligence and consciousness, and every member of our team is valuable in pursuit of this goal, this is why all of our hiring decisions are of the utmost importance.

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