A wake-up call for everyone.

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Response to: Big Tech Is Really Bad at Firing People
Below is our CEO’s response and message to the team.



These are the same companies that made it trendy to have free lunches, ping pong tables, beer on tap, company dog mascots, and the like. What is culture? Most of society fell into a belief that [company] culture is the outward display of colourful rooms and pronouns in their email signatures.

While here, you are responsible
Whether you’re here at PD, or somewhere else, remember this: It is your responsibility to be aligned with the place you work, and when given the opportunity, take an active part in shaping the culture to become a place you can call home away from home. For goodness sakes, you’re at work most of your day. Have a good time, not a bad time.. Complaining in the background to your friends and colleagues (or Internet) is not what positive change looks like. Head-on conversations led with empathy and curiosity are your guide.

More on culture
I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again on record: When our leadership asks you to study, read, listen, eat healthily, work out, sleep well, be curious, and have empathy – we know it will benefit you and your loved ones thousands-fold than it will benefit me. When we depart and go our separate ways, YOU get to keep your learnings, your growth, and your good health.

Security & The Future
I am in no position to offer you or anyone on my team a promise that we will be here together indefinitely, regardless of my desire to be lifelong friends and colleagues. What I can promise is this: While we are here together, I will honour you and serve you to the best of my ability (I apologize in advance if I fall short of your unspoken expectations). Whether your heart is in it or not is for you and your God to know. #Integrity

You’re #1
Finally, a reminder for all to be selfish and do what’s best for you and your family. When PD doesn’t serve you, don’t waste your time or the company’s. Politely and with grace, find your way out. If you need assistance, I will go far and beyond to help you land on your feet — even get you paid more somewhere else. There will be no hard feelings on my end.


Your immigrant, university drop-out, once-homeless and living in the streets of Toronto, CEO.

PS. I miss you all terribly and can’t wait to see you. For those with open arms, I have 30-second bear hugs waiting for you.

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