Getaways: reconnect, recharge, rejuvenate

Getaways: reconnect, recharge, rejuvenate

For team members working towards a common goal, it’s vital to achieve optimal performance, both on individual and collective levels. This objective directly impacts our company, our clients, and the community we serve. At Pixel Dreams, team getaways are one of the key initiatives for keeping our creative machine well-oiled. While the ROI might not seem immediately obvious to the bottom line, the long-term benefits are as clear as the starry night skies we gaze up at.


2018 Summer Getaway – Cruise’n Temagami


Trip anticipation increases morale, motivation, and productivity

One way of increasing dopamine, the feel-good brain chemical, is to anticipate a reward. Looking forward to an upcoming getaway creates a buzz of excitement amongst the team. Counting down the weeks and days, team members increasingly focus on wrapping up priorities before the break from work. As a result, creativity is heightened and productivity increases. Nothing quite lights a fire like an unbudgeable deadline.


“Anticipating a reward increases dopamine. While you may have learned that dopamine is a neurotransmitter that results in pleasure, you might not know that it’s also involved in behavior. Scientific research has found that spikes in dopamine help regulate levels of motivation, which leads individuals to initiate and persevere to avoid something negative or obtain something positive.”


New environments facilitate rest and play

Studies show that deep focus and high performance diminish over time. Between periods of intense output, rejuvenation is necessary. Yet, today’s always-on, always-connected culture is hardly conducive to taking a rest. By getting people out of their norms into an unfamiliar environment, getaways help people fully disconnect and recharge.

In fact, a “no work” policy encourages both rest and play. In addition to rest, play is one of the best ways to improve mental and emotional health, increase social bonds and collaboration ⁠— as well as enhance learning new skills, conceive new ideas, and even inspire the occasional epiphany. When team members play freely together, across disciplines and ranks, it stimulates the group’s creativity. We shift from thinking to being. Deliberate rest and play recharges our physical, mental, and emotional batteries. And for some of us, these trips can fill up our spiritual cups, too.


2018 Summer Getaway – Little Buddha


Improved well-being and performance

People who feel good do good. Healthier and happier people think better and more clearly. A team with strong bonds can do more and go further together. The most effective collaboration takes place when everyone trusts each other, on both professional and personal levels. They know they are a part of something much bigger. This sense of solidarity improves the team’s motivation and readiness to take on the big challenges ahead.


2018 Summer Getaway – A Client Emergency


As for our team…

Pixel Dreams getaways take place in a variety of locales—from homely cottages by quiet Ontario lakes, isolated cabins high up on mountains, to artsy suites in bustling metropolitan areas like Montreal, NYC, and Saigon. No matter the destination, this is an opportunity to experience each other from new perspectives.

So, as we soon depart from our familiar environments into newness, we look forward to the residues of self-imposed stressors melting away, smiles growing wider, conversations getting sillier, jokes funnier, ideas fresher, and relationships deeper. More than bringing together a group of professionals from different walks of life, these experiences bond us closer as a family working towards the same goals.



A special message regarding COVID-19

Undoubtedly, Covid-19 has posed some new and unusual challenges for getting away as a team this summer. We’re ensuring everybody’s safety by testing all travellers 3-7 days prior to our event. During that time, all team members will practice an increased level of social distancing.


Past Videos!

2019 – Kinmount, ON

2018 – Temagami, ON


2017 – Balm Beach, ON


2016 – Kearney, ON


Image source: Hip, Hip, Hurrah! Painting by Peder Severin Krøyer, 1888

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