From Star Trek to Marketing

Our Journey with AI

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Dear Clients,

I hope this message finds you well. As a creative agency, we are committed to exploring new technologies that can help us deliver better outcomes for our clients. In recent years, AI has become an increasingly topical and influential topic in industry, and we believe that our team has a unique perspective to contribute to the conversation.

We use several AI platforms, including OpenAI and ChatGPT, and we are continuing to research into others. Our goal is to leverage AI in a responsible and ethical way to support our work. We believe that AI is just another tool in the long (and always evolving) list of tools in the PDT creative arsenal. AI allows us to focus on what we do best – creative strategy, concepting, and design-thinking. Using AI creates efficiencies that help to reduce production costs and free up creative resources to focus on higher value activities.

The time savings have and continue to reduce investment requirements for our clients while keeping us profitable. However, we recognize that AI in itself cannot solve our greatest and most creative challenges. A great Star Trek TNG episode that illustrates this is Remember Me, Season 4, Episode 5. It highlights the importance of asking the right questions and the limitations of relying solely on [AI] technology to solve complex problems.

That’s why our company continues to dedicate time towards personal and professional development across different subject matters, from science and spirituality to marketing and critical thinking. As Mr Spock once said, “Insufficient facts always invite danger.” We believe that asking the right questions and having a broad understanding of different fields is critical to making informed decisions and delivering better outcomes for our clients.

Our long history of dedicated personal development has put us in an ideal position to leverage AI to serve our clients and our communities. We are committed to using AI in a way that respects individual privacy, avoids biases, and is transparent to our clients.

We are excited about the possibilities of AI, and are committed to using it in a responsible and ethical way.

Thank you for your continued partnership and support. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about how we are using AI to enhance our services, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.


Live long and prosper,


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