Policy: Using Slack at PD

Tight on Slack

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  • We use Slack for daily team communication
  • We, however, purposefully and politely decline most invitations to join clients’ Slack
  • This policy is less about communication capacity and more about deep work capability
    • It shields all members of the Creative & Strategic teams from unnecessary interruptions crashing deep work
    • It allows some members of the Project & Account Management team to be on a client’s Slack during intensive sprints requiring fast responses
    • No exceptions



A deliberate practice

Like many digital-enabled and workforce-distributed companies, Pixel Dreams uses Slack. Most channels serve teamwork and team communication. A few are playgrounds for social and cultural exchanges, including banters, memes, and recommendations. Guess what #no-context-posts is for and how active it is.


Too much of a good thing can bring adverse effects. As we continue scaling to support clients’ growth, bigger teams bring more voices and noises. More things to keep up = less bandwidth for deep work.


Deep work is essential to what clients count on us for ― delivering creativity and strategy with mastery. For this type of work, real-time communication isn’t on the top of the values list. What tops the chart are cognitive-intensive capabilities ― envision, concentration, execution, etc. This work calls for pushing cognitive capabilities to their limit, which only happen during flow states. Because getting into a state of flow takes time, distractions and interruptions delay and even prevent it from occurring.

And that’s why we protect our team’s precious bandwidth to do the work ― the most important work.

What about timely requests?
Call us. 💥

What about emergencies?
Call 911. 🔥

Can you make an exception for my company?
Respectfully no, because we’re committed to delivering you the best work possible. 🦄



Book recommendations


Deep Work, Cal Newport
Flow, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi
Essentialism, Greg McKeown
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