Khalid M @dreams

Founder & CEO

Beaming in and out of your existence with Cardassian swag and Vulcan logic. Party like a Klingon, know your Ferengi Rules of Acquisition and you’ll live long and prosper.


Married to Lannie Le, parents to two kiddos Philo Sayf Tai and Sophie Anh Medina. (Philo + Sophy = …) Some of his fav activities include impressing his son playing video games, eating Lannie’s delicious delicacies, and cleaning. Kal is an amazing organizer of details, enjoying operational duties at work.

Kal is currently studying Vietnamese, French, the guitar, is dedicated to working out 4-5 times a week, and crushing at least one to two books a month.


Kal has worked with clients of all scopes and sizes, including Ryerson U, the Royal Ontario Museum, and Salesforce. His company’s mission: to raise human intelligence and consciousness. This mission is at the heart of all Pixel Dreams activities, from team initiatives like monthly reading quotas to hosting collaborative events on exciting topics like blockchain.