Lannie Le @star

Partner, Creative Director

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Lannie is a hybrid entrepreneur, designer, hacker, maker, problem solver, artist, technologist, advisor, and speaker. Gritty, relentless, determined, she thrives on seemingly impossible challenges and new adventures. Lannie is most optimistic about a not-so-distant protopian future of humanity, with abundance, diversity, harmony, and freedom. This future fires Lannie up, and motivates her to continue learning and unlearning whatever it takes to help make it so.


Lannie is a mother of two radical kids, Philo + Sophie, and wife to my business partner, Kal.

“I value self-awareness, thoughtfulness, philosophy, the optimal experience of flow, moments of awe, being in the now, optimism, audacity, and hospitality. I’ve become an extensive reader in the past few years and not slowing down.”

“I’m an alchemist when it comes to food, so being stuck on a deserted island or planet does not scare me. I dance a lot, and am definitely a rebel, inside and out.”