Sarah Eskandarpour

Operations & Accounts

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She started as an intern now she’s here: an irreplaceable piece of the PD puzzle managing accounts, projects, and strategy — and a study in paradoxes.

Sarah the Cosmic Sailor

Raised in the family bar business, Sarah can hold her liquor like a sailor, while expertly encouraging her colleagues to become three sheets to the wind. She prefers to stay home, unless she’s traveling the world. She loves listening to music, but can’t be dragged onto the dance floor. She has little patience for ankle-biters, but plans to put her maternal instincts to good use. If you’re a client navigating high-level initiatives with Sarah, she’s all-business — until you find yourself telling her about your dog and confessing your childhood dreams.

She can instantly pronounce any word backwards, while she pushes her team forward.

Above all, Sarah is always growing — but can’t manage to keep a plant alive.


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