Google HQ Tech Stop

Google Toronto HQ – Space Design

The Tech Stop is a gathering place central to every Google office. It is the place for Googlers to have their IT challenges solved, questions answered, and an opportunity for an occasional tech rant to their trusty Google Technician. Often fitted with stools, a bar, and a technician ready to hear IT woes, the Tech Stop can be likened to your friendly neighbourhood pub.

The Challenge/Opportunity

Each Tech Stop around the world has its own unique style and flavour. With a limited budget, Pixel Dreams was tasked with branding Google’s Toronto HQ tech-salvation.

Taking inspiration from Tech Spot’s very own location and function (being central and connected to all other departments as well as other Tech Stops globally), we saw a vision of a connected circuitboard.

A bonus wall outside of Tech Stop provided the perfect opportunity for an Android OS, dessert inspired, explosion of art. Mmm..

Corporate Engineering Site Lead,
Google Canada
What we received was above and beyond our expectations. Moving into the new Google Toronto office was a big and exciting step. My team and I had the pleasure to be tasked with re-inventing our central technology office, Google Toronto's Tech Stop. We reached out to the multi-disciplinary design team at Pixel Dreams to help decorate, design and create custom Google art for our shop. What we received was above and beyond our expectations. The PD team designed and executed an immersive experience, completely re-inventing the mood and atmosphere of our Tech Stop, while being considerate of Google's brand standards. I highly recommend Pixel Dreams to anyone looking for creative ideas and solutions, out of the box thinking, and amazing design. Simply put - you can trust the team to get the job done perfectly.