Greenfield Global

A trusted producer, packager and distributor of industrial and beverage alcohol


Before becoming the driving force behind the Canadian fuel ethanol industry, Greenfield Specialty Alcohols had made a name for itself as Commercial Alcohol – a trusted producer, packager and distributor of industrial and beverage alcohol. Since then, the company has transformed into a global player, with a diversified product offering beyond specialty alcohols and reach far outside of Canada. Their mission: to unlock the potential of people, partnerships and nature to accelerate sustainable solutions for the health of the planet.

The Challenge/Opportunity

To signify this evolution from “Canadian Commodities” to “Global High Tech”, Greenfield Specialty Alcohols has gone through an intensive rebranding process internally towards becoming GreenField Global. Greenfield approached Pixel Dreams to help develop a world-class brand identity, one that reflects their spirit, vision, mission, transformation, and most importantly, the organizational clarity that were achieved through their internal rebranding process. Greenfield asked for an iconic mark. We delightedly delivered.


  • Brand identity & architecture strategy
  • Brand identity system
  • Brand identity collateral:
  • Business card template
  • Email signature template
  • Letterhead templates
  • Communication deck templates (presentation & print)
  • Trade show assets
  • Intranet visual assets
Howard Field, President and CEO
Greenfield Global
I just wanted to write you a quick note to tell you how well the Greenfield Global logo is being received. For the past few weeks I’ve been on a roadshow to all plants to introduce the logo and color palette to our 500 employees – and, how it ties seamlessly with our Vision, Mission and Brand. The response has been incredible. Everybody loves it. They see all different imagery in it – the “OK” symbol, the projector, the box, the dropper, the “1”, the leaf, and of course, the “G”. There hasn’t been a single negative, or even mediocre response – it’s all been incredibly positive and enthusiastic. In fact, as soon as we gave out the jackets, people put them on right away and are wearing them with pride. You developed a world-class, bold, meaningful, timeless symbol for Greenfield, and we are very grateful for your talent, passion and vision. You rock. Keep up the amazing work.