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From Ancient Scrolls to Modern Bots

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Welcome to WednesdAI – Pixel Dreams’ weekly update with top stories from the rapidly evolving world of Artificial Intelligence.

Here are this week’s stories:


Vesuvius Challenge Grand Prize Awarded

We can now read an ancient scroll thanks to computer vision and machine learning.

In 79AD, Mount Vesuvius erupted, burying a town in 20 meters of mud & ash and encasing a library of papyrus scrolls. A farmer found the town in 1750 while digging a well, and the scrolls have lived in Naples, Italy as lumps of ash that can’t be opened. In 2023, The Vesuvius Challenge was announced, awarding a Grand Prize of $850,000 USD to the first team to recover four passages of 140 characters.

The winning team recovered over 2000 characters, winning the Grand Prize. The challenge continues to





Google’s AI has a New Name

The Verge reports: Bard and Duet are gone, as Gemini becomes both the model and the product for getting all of Google’s AI out into the world.

Google Gemini will replace Google Assistant as the default assistant on Android devices. Gemini, a combination of an assistant, chatbot, and search engine, will also be accessible on iOS through the Google app. Users can access the basic model for free, or access Gemini Ultra as part of a $20-a-month Premium plan.

Watch Brie Kirbyson’s comparison of ChatGPT 4 vs Google Gemini:

Read more at The Verge.




The Push to Label AI-Generated Content

Meta is working with “industry partners” on standards to identify AI content, including video and audio as Dall-E 3 images will have a watermark in the metadata.

Meta aims to detect and label all content posted to their platforms that was created with Artificial Intelligence. OpenAI is introducing a feature embedding invisible metadata and a visible CR symbol, to help users identify images generated by AI.

Read about it on Meta and OpenAI’s policy FAQ.




A New Conversational AI Support Platform for Businesses

Sierra is a conversational AI platform designed for businesses to create AI-powered agents.

The company seeks to transform customer service with a platform capable of on-brand natural conversations, that can directly handle many customer service tasks without the need for a human. Their model is touted as “Sophisticated, Authentic, and Trustworthy”.

Learn about it at




How AI is Transforming the Business of Advertising

A lengthy article in the Financial Times breaks down how AI is disrupting the traditional roles of creatives and executives in the advertising industry.

The advertising giants Publicis and WPP are embracing AI to usher in a new era of hyper-personalized, efficient advertising, which poses both challenges and opportunities for the industry. This technological shift could streamline ad production but also threatens traditional creative roles by enabling direct AI-driven marketing solutions. As the landscape evolves, these agencies are navigating the balance between innovation and the enduring value of human creativity in the digital advertising realm.

Go deep at



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