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Advances in AI from Prototypes to Policy

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Welcome to WednesdAI – Pixel Dreams’ weekly update with top stories from the rapidly evolving world of Artificial Intelligence.

We are getting closer to using the unreleased tools teasing us in recent weeks, so let’s get right into it.




LTX Studio Officially Launches

The holistic storytelling platform previously teased showcases new capabilities at their official launch event.

Lightricks CEO Zeev Farbman and VP of Product Alon Yaar showed off multiple features of the new product set to revolutionize video storytelling, followed by a discussion with Oscar-nominated director and two-time Golden Globe winner Ari Folman, along with Tim Simmons from Theoretically Media, on the future of cinema.

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New Levels of Creative Control with Structure Reference

Adobe Firefly’s latest update allows users to generate new images with similar composition to an existing image.

Using the Structure Reference capability in Adobe’s Text to Image model, users submit an existing image as a template to generate new images with the same layout, providing a new level of precision in bringing creative visions to life. Adobe has seamlessly integrated Firefly into the Creative Cloud applications, underscoring Adobe’s commitment to enhancing workflows with advanced models for imaging, vectors, fonts, audio, video, and 3D.

Watch the following demo, created at the Pixel Dreams AI Lab, showcasing our logo in a variety of styles:

Get all the info on the Adobe Blog.




Microsoft and OpenAI to Activate Stargate

Data center to power generative AI will cost 100x today’s largest data centers.

Microsoft and OpenAI are set to launch Stargate, a groundbreaking AI data center project, by 2028 with an investment exceeding $115 billion. This ambitious initiative reflects the technological leap necessary to meet the growing demands of advanced AI computing. Opting for nuclear power as a sustainable energy source, Stargate underscores a commitment to innovative and environmentally responsible solutions in powering the future of AI infrastructure.

Forbes expands upon concerns around the project’s ethical and environmental impacts.




Every U.S. Federal Agency Now Requires a Chief AI Officer

The U.S. mandates federal agencies to appoint AI overseers and submit annual AI risk reports.

Federal agencies in the United States are directed to appoint a Chief AI Officer, reporting annually to the Office of Management and Budget (OMB). They will detail the AI systems they use, associated risks, and mitigation strategies. This policy, part of broader efforts to standardize AI safety and enhance government AI expertise, includes a push to recruit 100 AI professionals by summer. However, it raises questions about the efficacy of self-monitoring and the balance between innovation and privacy.

Get the full story at The Verge.




Stop AI Now

The anti-AI movement grows more vocal.

Critics argue that the potential for AI’s negative consequences requires urgent attention. They draw parallels to historical instances where regulation of emerging technologies could have mitigated risks, suggesting that AI’s rapid development in sectors such as finance, warfare, and healthcare poses an existential threat. This growing concern has led to calls for a comprehensive reassessment of AI’s trajectory, with some advocating for a total ban to preempt the severe outcomes anticipated by critics.

Read the editorial on Counter Punch.




Videos of the Week

Catch this AI-assisted outtake from the 1991 classic movie Terminator 2: Judgement Day created by Martin Haerlin:


Monsters in the Maze by Debbie Diffusion was, as creator Steve Mills put it on, “…created with multiple kit bashed, custom workflows that combined Runway, Leonardo AI, Midjourney, Magnific, HaiperGen, and Viggle, with a song created in Suno:


For your art history lesson of the day, AIporium brings you A Strange History of Art:



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The images accompanying the news items in this article were generated in Midjourney and Adobe Firefly using the following prompts:

cinematic image of a complicated robotic looking box with movie-making equipment spilling out of it including cameras and a beautiful woman

glamourous fashion shoot, gorgeous model

cinematic close up of a man and robot woman at the entrance of an interdimensional portal

cinematic long shot of a cute AI-powered humanoid robot standing at the podium as the president of the united states in a comedy movie from the 1990s

cinematic shot of a group of protestors carrying signs that read “stop AI”, stop signs, angry in the streets


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