Soylent: Making lasting improvements

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Since embracing this fantastic meal replacement beverage, Soylent, we have gone through 804 bottles. Because it’s a long trek to Toronto, we’ve often found dings in the old bottles we’ve received.

Since redesigning their bottle, Soylent improved their product experience in a lasting and impactful way.

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Relying solely on online sales, it’s especially important for Soylent to ensure their product travels safely along every step of the customer journey. When their path to product success ran into an obstacle – the vulnerable design of their bottles – it was back to the drawing boards.

The obstacle: Their bottles

Soylent couriers their product to consumers. While they can control delivery times, the safety of the packaged product while in transit is not guaranteed.


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The odd shape of Soylent’s curvy cylindrical bottles left some extra room in the boxes for the bottles to bump into one another, leading to dented bottles upon delivery. While many consumers may not care or even notice a slight dent, as a Product/Brand Manager – you want to ensure the experience is nothing short of perfect.


The solution: Sqround

The newly redesigned bottles are a cross between a square and round shape: with rounded edges on a square base. They can withstand greater pressure when stacked and the overall shipping volume is reduced by an estimated 15% per case.


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John Zelek, Senior Creative at Soylent, tells Fast Co:

We thought there was a nice parallel to the days you used to get your staple foods delivered, because that’s where we are at again… I’d say that was the main object for inspiration.
John Zelek, Senior Creative at Soylent

Zelek makes a great point. Rewind to the days of the 50s and 60s. The milkman delivered your milk to your door in sturdy glass bottles, almost identical to the ones now being used by Soylent.


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We are growing with Soylent

Soylent’s is a great example of brand dedicated to quality throughout the customer experience. They learned, adapted, and delivered an improved product.

At Pixel Dreams, we keep a ready supply of Soylent in our fridge and the bottles are a familiar sight around the office. Every member of our team is free to take a bottle when needed and all of them have.

We eagerly await shipment of these new state-of-the-art bottles from Soylent.

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