Launching a Business as a Foreigner

"Learn from my mistakes." - Dennis Kim

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Fireside Chat with Dennis Kim


Success stories are abundant. Every success story is filled with unique notes and beats, a musical masterpiece specific to the individual. While there are many lessons to be learned from the many success stories in business and life, rarely do we study the stories of failure. There may be many roads to success, but there are only a handful of mistakes that can guarantee failure. This was the approach Dennis Kim took in his talk at the Bali Time Chamber (BTC), in Bali, Indonesia.

The following article is a re-cap of Dennis’s story of launching and eventually selling a business in Indonesia, as a foreigner. While Dennis jovially calls his mistakes and decisions ‘stupid’, the reality is: He is nothing less than a major success story. With that said, take lightly his quick admissions to stupidity, and observe and take in the sage wisdom he offers.  

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