Passions / Pt 3

Aim to solve problems.

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So you want to follow your passions, eh?

Hypothetical passion scenarios:

  • How many films are you willing to make at a loss?
  • How many paintings will you paint when nobody is buying your paintings?
  • How many cities and countries can you travel to until you run out of money?

Tell me, the thing you’re passionate about. If there is no market for it, how long will you continue until you’re homeless?

Ultimately, following your passion is about what you want, not necessarily what the Universe needs. And if you’re serving yourself, the Universe will also mind its business.

Alternatively, imagine you bring passion to driving value for others (solving interesting problems). Well then, there may be a long lineup for your services.

When there are challenges to be solved,
There exists a demand for solutions.
If you can supply the solution, you can be compensated well.

Guess what you can do when you’re compensated well:
You can follow your passions!



Concluding Thoughts

Whether your craft is writing or design, video or web-dev, perhaps bricklaying or drywall installing — whatever it is, it must tie back to: How are you solving someone’s problems? Is it a problem worth solving? Is it a problem that someone is willing to pay good money for?

Thoughts for PD.
We need to get obsessed with solving our clients’ problems. Everything thing we do for a client, we have to know and be able to measure, how well, to what degree, did we solve their problem.

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