The Origins of Raising I+A

How Star Trek and Meditation Influenced Our Core Purpose

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In the entrepreneurial cosmos of Pixel Dreams, our journey has been as diverse and exploratory as the Star Trek universe. From its earliest days, our agency has navigated through various endeavors and internal quests, guided by our Prime Directive: to raise intelligence and awareness.

In this article, we explore the genesis of Pixel Dreams’ core purpose: Raise I+A (Intelligence and Awareness). Boldly go with us as we chart the journey that led to its formation. Discover how our CEO and his leadership team, inspired by Star Trek, came upon the concept that would define our company’s ethos and operations.




The Early Years: Driven by Purpose

From advocating for cannabis legalization to raising awareness for Tibet, live streaming epic debates on religion, delving into Canadian prison reform, fundraising for charities, and even dreaming of colonizing Mars, Pixel Dreamers have always been driven by purpose. Each year, amid these varied missions, vital philosophical inquiries persisted: Why do we exist? What are our values? What are our guiding principles?


The Crucial Turning Point

It was 2015, and we were still finding our footing. During this time, our CEO was encouraged by our cofounders to embark on an expensive business and personal development trip. This was a huge decision at a time when neither he nor key leadership members were drawing adequate salaries from the business. Yet, this trip marked the beginning of a journey that would chart a new course for our company, and for the lives of everyone in our orbit.



A Spin Around the Sun

Upon returning, Khalid embraced a path of unwavering dedication to meditation. He undertook ninety-nine 12-minute sessions over forty days, tracking his efforts and brainwaves using Muse, ‘a research-grade EEG headband’. By the end of the year, this journey of self-discovery – augmented by experiences with magic mushrooms, ruminations on the inevitability of Artificial Intelligence, and our company’s deep roots in Star Trek – led our CEO and his leadership team to an extraordinary revelation.


The Birth of I+A

Going inwards, not outwards. Raising intelligence and awareness: this is the only bet in town. This is the catalyst to solve all problems.
KM, CEO & Founder

The wisdom of Star Trek’s Prime Directive parallels humanity’s current trajectory with AI. If humanity doesn’t elevate its collective intelligence and awareness, the advent of Artificial Intelligence could lead us down a path of self-destruction, similar to a pre-warp civilization overwhelmed by advanced technology. This realization galvanized our Massive Transformational Purpose: Raise I+A. This became a clear, urgent call to action, an imperative to prepare ourselves for the responsible stewardship of AI, inspired by the very ethos of Starfleet and the United Federation of Planets.


We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.
Attributed to Albert Einstein


Our journey, from our varied beginnings to the realization of our core purpose, reflects a journey of growth and enlightenment. The formation of I+A as our company’s core purpose is not just a business strategy. We believe it can be a beacon for humanity’s approach to the emerging challenges of AI and beyond.



As we continue our voyage, the directive of I+A extends far beyond our office walls. Our core purpose shapes not only our business strategies but also the personal growth of our team. We encourage our teammates to embark on their own journeys of self-improvement, requiring the reading of 12 books a year to foster continuous learning. Health, both physical and mental, is placed at the forefront of our priorities. Our expanding office library reflects our commitment to spreading knowledge – we frequently order hundreds of copies of a new favorite to gift to our community. From our creative endeavors, like publishing children’s books, to our philanthropic actions, such as funding a children’s library in rural Vietnam, our dedication to I+A spans time and space.



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