Gustavo aka 'Comet'


a PDT Story
Finding Home
a Story of Gustavo aka ‘Comet’

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Part 1

Young Gustavo hides under his bed, little hands covering his ears tightly. Still, he hears guns pop in the neighbourhood streets, and bullets bang nearby walls. Some kids have sleepy dreams of fluffy sheep and cotton candy clouds. Young Gus could hardly sleep.

Mom and Dad leave everything behind to bring Young Gus and his big sister to Canada, hoping to find a safe home and brighter opportunities.

Part 2
Art & Design

Years later, Little Gus is finishing his last year in design college. “What now? Where do I go?” he thinks to himself.

He finds this quirky website about this quarky company called Pixel Dreams. He applies as a junior-baby-little-guy-intern. He’s asked to fill out a questionnaire that asks him crazy questions like, “Who are you? What are your values? What’s your perception of reality?”

Part 3
This is kinda weird.

A few days later, Gustavo’s phone rings. On the other end is the CEO of Pixel Dreams calling from his company mini-van. Where is he? In the Ontario Science Centre parking lot. Why? It’s Friducation, and the rest of his team is inside ready to start their company field trip!

Gus thinks to himself, “This company is really weird and nerdy… I like it.”

Part 4
Intern Comets to AD

The legend goes, Gustavo was once a little-baby junior intern at PD. Hard to imagine. Today, Gustavo is an awesome art director, leading creatives on big, massive giant projects for big, massive giant brands.

Gus sees the world and the brighter opportunities his Mom, Dad, and the Universe present him. He enthusiastically says he’s found home. At PD, our team sees Gus as a bright light, illuminating every room he’s in. Hands down — bet the world on it — Gustavo is the most likeable person on the planet. And we’re lucky to have him as our Art Director and future Creative Papa.

Part ∞

Most recently, our team had the pleasure of celebrating Gus’s wedding in Wakefield, Quebec. Some say they saw Little Mischief Trevor (who now is referred to as Grandpa Trev) sweat from his eyeballs at the ceremony.

Was it the beautiful blaring orange sunset hitting his eyes?

To be continued…