Sarah aka "Energize"


a PDT Story
Loving The Family Business
a Story of Sarah aka ‘Energize’

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Part 1
“Tell me more! That’s crazy! You don’t say?!”

Always asking questions, Energetic Sarah pours beer with one hand, shots of tequila in the other, and wipes the bar clean with her third. Only the bright, beautiful, and ever-so-enchanting Sarah can do a three-hand juggle with only one pair of hands!

Customers at The Restaurant absolutely loooooooove Sarah. Sarah absolutely loves working at her family restaurant and listening to customers’ stories.

Part 2
Inquisitive Sarah

Often called Hermione Granger, Energetic Sarah has an insatiable appetite for books, studying, and asking too many questions. Some believe she learned to be a good listener from working at her parent’s restaurant since childhood.

Some believe her parents started the restaurant to keep Sarah busy asking other people questions. Who knew listening to people could become a superpower?

Part 3
More three-arm juggling…

It’s 2014: Sarah’s got her Political Science, and Religion majors, books, lectures, and more books… Energized Sarah is wrapping up her last year in university. At the same time, Sarah is bartending at her parent’s restaurant, working retail in Yorkville, and lands an unpaid internship at Pixel Dreams.

“You got this, Sarah?” The Universe asks. “Bring it on, baby!” Sarah hollers back.

Part 4
Uh… What’s my role here?

“What’s my role?” is a common question Energized Sarah asks in the early days of Pixel Dreams. Roles are never a thing at PD. But duties, projects, and missions are always clear.

A family business, huh? Sarah is very much at home working at PD, which feels more like a family restaurant than a one-day-to-be global creative agency. So, like any family business, Sarah does whatever needs to be done. She writes blog posts. She manages social media accounts. She even makes cold calls! While her role is never defined, there is always something to do and value to provide.

Part 5
She does it all.

It’s 2024: So what does Sarah do now? What doesn’t she do? She leads our project and account management team. She leads marketing initiatives for international clients working at big, bold, global brands. But most importantly, she asks great questions and listens with all her heart.

Clients absolutely loooooooooove Sarah. And Sarah absolutely loves serving her clients.

Part ∞

So what’s her role? If you ask Sarah, she’ll be the first to yell, “Who cares! We’re here to get s#!t done!”

What do we call her? Chief Client Officer. PD Shareholder. Business Partner. Sister. Friend. Energize.


To be continued…