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On Writing

A memoir of the Craft
Stephen King
Page Count
320 pages, Mass Market Paperback


Daniel R. Libby
Wednesday, March 4, 2020

‘On Writing’ is a glimpse into the mind and process of legendary author, Stephen King. The first part of the book, ‘CV’ is biographical. It explains key moments from King’s early childhood to adult life that helped form the writer today.

The next parts ‘Toolbox’ and ‘On writing’ get into the nitty gritty of successful writing. With some tips that can benefit all, like the formula for a second draft is the first draft minus ten percent.

The book ends with ‘On Living – a postscript’ that contains a section of the first draft of a few pages of King’s story ‘1408’ followed by a scanned copy of the authors handwritten correction notes that form the second draft. I wish there were more examples like this.

I picked up this book because it was recommended by someone on our team as the best thing on writing they had ever read. I’d recommend it to anyone trying to hone their writer’s craft, and learn what makes Stephen King tick.