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Tell It To The World

International Justice and the Secret Campaign to Hide Mass Murder in Kosovo
Eliott Behar
Page Count
264 pages


Daniel R. Libby
Thursday, April 4, 2019

A book about ethnic cleansing in the former-Yugoslavia and subsequent cover-ups. Written by a prosecutor from the International Criminal Court and based on first hand experiences. The stories are relayed using testimony records pieced together in a descriptive narrative style. The subject matter is intense and the details are gruesome.

The point is stressed that genocides, although often blamed on entire ethnic groups in general, are actually based on acts committed by individuals. People that can be held accountable at war crimes trials;

“This means watching for and protecting against, those who invoke a sense of injustice and victimhood in order to enable and justify violence.”

Tell It To The World presents a complicated conflict of opposing sides and unsolved murders, but never loses hope for justice.