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Trust Me I’m Lying

Confessions of a Media Manipulator
Ryan Holiday
Page Count
259 pages, Hardcover


Daniel R. Libby
Monday, October 15, 2018

This is an expose on how the media gets manipulated. Tracking the origins of shady journalism in print, radio and TV, to the web blogs and viral internet culture of today.

Ryan Holiday admits to successfully using the tactics, but he reflects back with regret. This being the fifth anniversary edition, there are updates involving fake news and the election of Trump. Plus some additional appendix interviews with an eclectic cast of manipulators. The style is a mix of case studies, technical points, and humorous anecdotes.

This book functions as both a dire warning and a how-to guide, but it is left up to the reader to decide what to do with the insights. A fascinating study, highly recommended to anyone involved in the fields of marketing, advertising, journalism, or social media.