We are all a little weird and life's a little weird, and when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness and call it love.
Dr. Seuss

Love notes

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Love is eternal, the aspect may change, but not the essence.
Vincent Van Gogh

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Thank you team! It looks amazing.

Jordyn H

Thank you so much, Trevor!. You all are THE best!

Jordyn H

Awesome job!!! This is perfect. We showed fidelity at dinner tonight. They were so excited 🙂

Katelyn C


Thanks for your work on this. These look beautiful.

Zoe H


I am really impressed the Pixel team was able to have these turned around so quickly! Really cool to see what was once just a story really come to life.

Aaron M

Justin these are fantastic!!!

Everything fits perfectly, and they really feel like a cohesive series!

Delly D

It was the best call of our week! Thanks for being so amazing and always making us look good.


Alina S

OMG I love these — approved on all 3! Thank you, team!

Simone G

Hey Gus,

Happy Friday indeed!

First off, both designs are so cool, awesome job. Love how you all researched the booths and chose to lean into the clean/white backdrops. I truly appreciate this level of detail. I’m going to keep reviewing and will have Dani take a look first thing Monday morning.

Tatiana D

This is great, approved! Thanks so much team for all the back and forth on getting this perfect 🙂

Amanda K

Thank you so much team! This turned out amazing. Super excited to do something similar for Connections Chicago (for a few accounts), and DREAMFORCE (for all ABM accounts), with more lead time! 🙂

Natalie T

Great production work guys! Top-notch! Looking forward to the follow-up videos and factory tour.

Clyde M

I’ve added a few comments, but overall this is outstanding. You have captured the intent and really simplified the Insights and Actions. Nice work!

Jason H

Hi Justin,

Thank you so much for this! We are so pumped about it, and the reception internally has been really strong. No one can watch it without laughing, which is phenomenal.

Delly D

Dealing with Pixel Dreams has been handy. We’ve been doing this almost since day one, so they actually understand. Like when we talk about this stuff, they already know what we want. They have an idea of what the finished product should be like

Mark M

From your branding you guys feel more approachable, especially with this questionnaire, you seem more invested in finding the right person through understanding their own values and perspectives on life and its challenges. By far is my favorite job application process I’ve ever gone through.



Really nice. I love the mix of footage. These keep looking better and better.

Keep up the good work.

Mark M

Happy Friday team – I just wanted to pop in to say I’ve been building a page in CMS 3.0 this week, and I’m really enjoying it! It’s been a lot quicker and more intuitive than the previous version. I’ll plan to continue asking Qs if I get stuck anywhere, but I just want to make sure you all know the work is high quality and appreciated.

Nicole I

This video just got shared by Sarah Franklin at our marketing all-hands Today!!!!!!!!!


Brianna D

Hi Vic, Gustavo, Victoria, and Sarah,

My sincere gratitude to all of your efforts leading up to, and throughout the Restaurant Canada RC Show. The assets and messaging were outstanding, the booth was fantastic, and overall the experience was even better than imagined. Our presence at the show was a success, which would not have been possible without you. I know you had to solve a number of challenges in the background to make it all work (and some particular ridiculous timelines), and I very much appreciate your ability to pivot with patience and expertise. We also had some really great learnings that we’ll take into next year’s show to make us even bigger, better and more effective.

Thank you again for your amazing partnership! Working with you was the best part of the Show, and I cannot thank you enough.


Sandy B

This is SUCH a game-changer for us. The Success Manager for Starbucks just reached out to me for a Trailblazer Challenge. I was able to spin up a landing page for her within five minutes. AMAZING!!!!!!!

Nancy K

Darnell, thank you to you and Mitch for working patiently with Josh W. yesterday. I appreciate you encouraging him while he was clearly nervous.

Matthew W

Copy & messaging
I think they’re amazing. Honestly, all the messaging is fantastic. They resonate. They’re great.

Visual direction
Love not only the elements you have mentioned, it looks a bit like a torn receipt. It resonates with our world of payments.

Wow, that’s incredible. As expected, you set the bar high and continue exceeding it. It’s amazing. I love every single piece you have just shown.

It links so nicely with other projects you have done for us, We see continuity. That’s really powerful beyond the show

General notes
Everything looks fantastic. It’s going to show out. I’m super excited. This is WAY above anything we have done before

Sandy B


The copy wording is fine. Really nice feating the students in the Arrow wording.


Mark M

Thank you, Justin. It was great to have this back so quickly! We are liking the original with lofi, took that version through CCR today. The team was really impressed with the video and the speed that you got it together (we did a shout-out for PD)

Ivy B

These look great. Thanks to all of the team.

Mark M

Mark and I love these changes! Definitely positioned better in terms of messaging. This is approved.

Max M

Thank you so much for the sweet recovery gift! That made my week 🙂 How did you know I love lavender and needed more bubbly bath? 🙂

Thank you, Pixel team, you’re the best.

Tara G

It really stands out. I love how refreshing it is.

Live p

This visual and the message is compelling!

Sheau-Lan R

THANK YOU so much for the fast turnaround team – truly you guys are the best!

Dani E

Hi Kal,

Thanks for the shirts! They were a pleasant and welcome surprise.

I was glad you called me a few weeks ago and it brightened my day.

Always great hearing from you!

David M


I am at the event and I have no other words to say but WOW!

The engagement at the booth with the wheel and the excitement of the swag has brought some key contacts to our booth and has created a buzz!

Thank you for all that you have done to help us bring this idea to life!
I am so appreciative of you and you consistently help us show up as our best and represent the brand beautifully!

With gratitude,

Lisa S

It was good to see you too! You guys are so talented, and we couldn’t do it without you!

Violet R

Thank you PK and team. This is fantastic, and you really did some wonderful work with the last-minute edits we requested.

The team could not have done better!!

Jamie B

Hurray!!!! Huge thank you for pulling this off, it was a difficult task with lots of ups and downs throughout the process. But pixel pulled it off and knocked everyone’s socks off

Thank you, thank you, and thank you.

See you guys soon!

Christina C

I love them all, I love that they’re all so different


This looks awesome Michael!

Great work team. Let’s proceed forward.

Lisa S

Hi Matt.

I’ve just had a look at the video, and it is much more aligned with what I had envisioned. I’m sure we’ll have more feedback once Mark gets back into the office, but we are definitely on the right track.


Max M


So good to see your name in my inbox, thank you for always thinking of me & SB. Beyonce is touring this year. Rihanna is bringing in another bundle of joy. Victoria is working with SB. I mean, this is the JORDAN YEAR!!!

Victoria, let’s set up a time to connect and plan how we can plan to dominate cancer across the world with the SB in 2023!

Ashleigh C

I think this is gonna make the splash that we’re trying to put out to the market.


I wanted to share the great feedback we received from our CMO on the video.

I absolutely love this video!!!

I agree with the sentiment that this is an amazing video, especially for the 1st edit. I’d like to see if we could create a 50-60 second version of the video as our main version for this video.

Meredith J

I love it!! You guys did an awesome job, I really like it!

Jordyn H

Team, we did it.


And the crowd truly went WILD!

I had three different people reach out and ask if they can chat with me about ideas of how else we can utilize the hub for their work, including the Events Design Director, who wants to chat more about the enablement for our company.

Charlotte S

You guys are BEAST MODE every time, Love it!

I like them a lot. Thank you for putting these together. They are short, have a unique sound that will be helpful with branding, and I love the little chime at the end, I am happy with these. Thanks team!

Matthew W

I just checked out Pixel Dreams’s website for the first time, I love the quirky personality. Whoever is behind that is amazing.


Great job team, as always! – Matt, Paul, and Lindsay

I can’t overstate how excited we are to unveil this! Amazing work, team! Thank you so much!


PK and Pixel team – WOW! You guys truly knocked this out of the park in less than a week from start to finish. I’m actually speechless. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Lindsay C

Our team could not be more satisfied with your work, and we look forward to continuing this relationship.

Sheyda L

Give a BIG thanks to Mickey for being such a quick responsive and effective problem solver for me this past year. That kind of help isn’t easy to find, and I appreciate how much easier he makes my life 😊

Seth W

This is so awesome. THANK YOU all so much!

Alina S

Gosh, I love you guys..

Lisa P

Just wanted to let you know that your “why you don’t want to work here” article also convinced me that I don’t want to hire you either. Your company culture is appalling, and so is your attitude. You need a serious lesson in how to treat other people and how to run a business in modern society. I guarantee you that if you haven’t hit hard times yet while acting like that, you will soon. Grow up.


Good Morning Pixel Friends,

It’s another fabulous Monday morning and with that, I wanted to send over a thank you for hosting a party for us last Friday.

Thank you for the hospitality (Sarah, keeping me hydrated and well-fed), the home-cooked meal (Jenn, compliments to the chef), the office tour (Kal, I’l be checking out some books soon), the wellness inspo (Lannie, I went on my morning walk #non-negotiables, & Megan, you’ve inspired me to lift heavy), the travel tips for Japan (PK, I’ve bumped up Japan and its beer on my list), and of course, for the fabulously DJ’d evening (Trevor, can we borrow you for events?).

It’s always a delight to hang out with you all IRL.

Oh and thank you for the goodie bag. I’ve already powered through “The Little Book of Talent”.

Have a fabulous week.

Tatiana D

Thank you all for the invitation. I really enjoyed this evening and it was nice to meet you all! Hopefully next time I’ll be able to stay longer!

Julien S

Thank you team for such a great evening! Really appreciate all the gifts and the amazing food and drinks!

Loved the goodie bag and all the awesome books. Thanks for the great partnership.

Justin M

Hi Jenn!

Thank you all so much for your diligent work on this. We are all extremely impressed with the final result.

We have had some internal account changes and some additional work to prepare but the presentation built by Pixel Dreams is serving as a strong foundation as we continue this process.

Thank you again for all of your excellent work on this.

Max C

You are AMAZING! What fun it is to wake up and have something DONE! Thank you again for the quick response on this one! 😍

Kim B

This video is incredible! I love the pop-ups to explain the lingo. Great work team!

Max M

Hello Jen, Megan and the team, the event went really well. Lots of compliments on the booth and creative both from other vendors and from our client. Thank you again for all your help!

Olivia B

Hello there! Thank you and the team so much for the cupcakes! We just got what a nice surprise! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

Violet R

Thank you so much for sending, Jenn & team! I’m sure this was no small feat. This will be incredibly instrumental in helping out our team to plan & budget accordingly!

Thanks, team!!

Courtney S

Hi PK,

You captured our conversation and noted it perfectly! Looking forward to our meeting tomorrow to see what your brilliant minds at Pixel Dreams have come up with next! ⚡

Tara G

Oh, it’s so hard to choose since they are all so lovely. Awesome job always – So grateful for YOU!

Alina S

Thanks, Michael! This is perfect and exactly what I needed.

Jordyn H

Thank you for the quick work!! Your partnership is invaluable.

Kaitlyn K

Awesome! Thank you for the update! And thank you, Tracy and PDT, for pushing this massive undertaking to the finish line! 😊

Ashleigh L

This is great! The premise is sound, love the transparency & tongue-in-cheekiness of it all. Shows you have the guts to be different.

Michael S

We are very excited to launch and we couldn’t have done it without you all!!

Violet R

I love it. You guys are awesome!

Cheryl R

Thanks a lot for this. Looks good.

Mark M

I love the pushback element really, truly. You all have seen this and know pitfalls we don’t, so please continue to push back on us, and push us to think differently. I love this. It’s easy to use, and maintain, and doesn’t require code. It’s all the things that we love, so thank you.
Thank you. Really excited about this. “

Dana B

Pixel Team, it looks awesome and amazing. I mean, you all are. You guys are such amazing partners and you’ve done a phenomenal job of listening to us, understanding our vision, and pushing back on crazy things we’re saying or asking for.
It’s exciting that we’re getting to this point, and the real fun begins.

Sarah T

You guys are the best!


I hate how awesome you guys are.


This is awesome! Thank you for this lightning-fast turnaround team – I’m in awe.

Lindsay C

Just wanted to pop in and once again 🙌 thank you for the amazing video we were able to share last week! It was great to see it presented by our client and they were thrilled with the final product 🤩. Hope everyone is doing well & that we get to work together again soon!

Chelsea G

Good Morning Pixel Friends,

As our event dust settles and we all go back to our regular programming, I had to send a little thank you.

Although I’m on PTO for the week, I couldn’t dream of “disconnecting” without acknowledging the herculean feat your team achieved last week.

At this point, I sound like a broken record, but I’ll say it again – every member of the Pixel team is an absolute delight to work with and we couldn’t picture partnering with anyone else to bring our vision to life. A giant applause is in order. Whether it was the Lodge or a Watch Party, every guest commented on the signage, the creativity and how it truly brought every element together.

So for that, we say thank you.


A huge THANK YOU to Kharisel & PK for helping us bring these keynotes to life!!! We appreciate your patience, hard work, and mad skills!

Kenzie W

Hi Vic & Gus,

Thanks again for helping with those pages’ design. They turned out amazing!

Sheyda L

It was a dream team! Glad to hear there was so much support from all teams including the venues!
Definitely good to know for next year and appreciate you managing that and those connections.

Lisa S

We honestly would not have come close to pulling this off without your support. I’m in awe at how much you and the team took on.

A post-event celebration is needed. Can’t wait to connect soon and celebrate this achievement.

Thank you.

Emmett B

Hi Matt and Team,

You all absolutely crushed the video. The team loved it & now has been shared with leadership. Thank you for coming through, being so collaboratively through the process, & seeing the vision. Your talent is 🔥

Was great working with you on this one! In less than 24 hours we have a piece that is truly solid and captures the experience so beautifully.

Kal, you have a dream team!

Thank you 🙏

Lisa S

Thank you, Tracy, Kharisel, and Tanya!


Gus, love it!

Leslie G

You’re the best and thank you, Renee!

Alina S

We showed the video internally and the amount of people pinging me on the side telling me it was great. We decided to start the presentation of the video because we love it so much!

Sheena C

Thank you so much. Everything looked great!

Rob D

Matt and the team, Beautifully crafted. Thanks!

Mark M

Team, love all of this! Thank you for the hard work, you rock!

Leslie G

Thank you all for everything that you guys do and for being amazing. And thank you for dinner when I was in Toronto. It was such a bright spot in that whirlwind trip of ours.

Lindsay C

Beautiful work as always, thank you, team!

Ashton W

Vic and team PD,
I just opened this mystery package I received and I’m amazed by you all once again! Thank you so much for the well wishes and super cool kit. The attention to detail and design of this blows my mind. This is so bespoke and cool, that I nearly cried.

Thank you all for being such incredible partners and friends!

Patrick H

Michael, did you create it? Omg I love it! Our team still talks about it. LOVE IT!

Shellie W

Looks amazing!
Thank you so much for your hard work on this and for taking my feedback and making it all come to life in such an incredible way! Appreciate it!

Ozzie A

That’s fantastic to hear!
Exactly what is needed – there have been a lot of moving pieces and I’m in awe of how you and the team have handled it all.
Thank you.

Emmett B

Gus, It’s AMAZING! Love it! Merci Beaucoup 🙂

Leslie G

I’m the ideas person and when you bring it to life, it shows that you guys are the only ones meant to execute.
It’s more than a business, it’s a mission.
This can change someone’s life and it’s clear you guys understand and care.

Tamar H

Pixel Dreams is best in class

Sarah T

Darnell, Tanya, Justin, PK, and the Pixel Dreams team,

Thank you for your support with this very special video for our client. We appreciate your guidance in creating a world-class video, and the storyline that you’ve provided to our team (it captured the essence of our discussion – thank you!)

Howard C

Please send my thanks to Tracy and the Pixel Dreams Team. You guys have been so great with the million emails I’ve been sending.


That video fired me up, love it. This is good in my book. Nice job, Pixel Dreams team!

Matthew W


I just got my birthday present and literally grasped in surprise and gratitude. You truly made my day and week!!

Thank you so much for the kind, generous gift and the lovely notecard you created for me with such lovely words. I do not deserve you and don’t know what I would do without my favorite humans in Canada.

I am reminded of you everywhere in my home. Sending big hugs and so many thank you’s

❤ Alina

Alina S

Hi Sarah,

Just wanted to reach out and share that Jenn and PK have been wonderful partners to us for the last few years. We could NOT do what we do without them and I am extremely grateful.

They always execute and deliver, and I truly appreciate the partnership.


Very nice additions, thanks!

Mark M

Hi Mark, My husband and I are impressed with your marketing, including that you keep tabs on how often the recipients open your email!


I’m honestly just so blown away. We’ve worked with you before and it’s always amazing, but after seeing the wireframe, this is such an elevated experience.


I enjoy working with Jenn and the Pixel team. They know the brand very well and we continue to push the needle in just the right way. They are fast and efficient and do great work.

Kelly K

Honestly, I cannot say enough good things about the PD team — and might have got an “I told you so” from Sheila already 😉. Thanks for taking that initiative and updating the branding.

Jessica P

Oh my goodness. That’s amazing!

Ashleigh L

Perfect, Tracy and thank you! As always, love working with you.

Megan K

I’ll do whatever I can for ya’ll! Love ya’ll!

Sheila K

Hi Tracy, these are great, we appreciate all your help!

Thanks again,

Nate M

Want to thank Ana and Vic – You guys were so great to capture exactly what would work best for this type of gift! Loved it!

Daisy B

This is amazing!! I love the tagline.

Orla O

What I originally came to you on and what has come out, you’ve checked it X a thousand.

Sheena C

Sh*t guys, that was good!

Jessica P

LOVING the direction on this. I think we’re on the right track!

Patrick H

Love the design. Great job and thank you for the collaboration.

We sincerely appreciate all you did!

Phyllis H

Hi Gang,

I want to express my thanks for helping us with this project. You all did a great job, but kudos to Mickey on the technical side. We are delighted with the result. It proves that your creative content is “timeless”.

We look forward to working with you again.

David M

PK, these are slick! Love that there are light and dark versions 👏👏👏

Ashleigh L

This is so impressive guys! It looks fantastic. This is so creative.

Alina S

Love it! Truly talented design team!

Maddy H

I love it! Thank you, Gustavo!

Tony K

Perfect, simple, and succinct.

Mark M

Wanted to share with the team something that’s pretty badass! I got my husband a signet ring for our 10-year anniversary, with the PD coat of arms engraved!

Sheila K

The site looks great, and more importantly, it gives us excellent flexibility and centralizes our marketing tools into one platform.
Great job!

David M

This is truly perfect! Thank you so much!

Alina S

Thanks so much for your thorough research on this, Tracy. You’re the best and most organized.

Alina S

Wow, thank you for the super quick turnaround! This looks great, will get submitted now.

Natalie S

Tracy, It looks good. I am sending it out for review. THANK YOU!

Kelly K

This really sounds like a 7GEN commercial. Well done. Thanks, team.

Mark M

Hi Kal,

It was lovely seeing you and the rest of the PD folks on 4/20💖. I LOVED the show (the recreated poster with the rules of acquisition was probably my fav with the story behind it). Always impressed by what PD pulls off so fast and so effortlessly.

Thanks for the invite again. Have a great weekend ☀️


Really good video. High level, but with music that gives me a sense of urgency to learn this pitch and start to engage with customers around Hyperforce.
Nice Job!

Glenn C

I am speechless! Matt and team, this first cut exceeded my expectations. I love both directions.
Magical! Thank you so much for bringing this to life so quickly.

Lisa S

Good Morning Pixel Team,

I wanted to share the BIGGEST of thank yous for bringing our event to life with your incredible designs.

You define the entire look and feel of the event and managed to translate this into absolutely every element. Our agency, which works with the best around the world was floored by the speed and level of creativity at which you all work.

Thank you again, Pixel friends, you are an absolute dream team and a partner we can truly trust with all of our projects.

Have a great weekend and can’t wait for our next project together.


Hi Vic!

I wanted to thank you and your team! “Huge thanks” actually! Everything was so perfectly organized and in such a challenging timeframe.

Our client and we are super happy 🙂

Loved it!

Christiane J

This is super cute and such a creative way to put together a journey.

I’ve seen PDFs with clickable pages before but the animations/transitions really set this apart.

It looks great!

Ashleigh L

These are great, thanks team for another perfectly executed project.

Justin M

We’re onsite and Pixels Dreams designs are making this event!

Great job team! You guys crushed it!


I love it! I feel like I’m watching a trailer to a movie!

Monica B

Hi Ana,

I love this! It looks great, the Pixel team has captured our suggestions perfectly.

I’m super happy with the final piece.

Thank you!!

Nina A

Hi PK,
Thank you for checking, as always you are on it!

Leah M

The Pixel Team is the preferred agency for our team!

Sarah T

Man Pixel Dreams website is f*cking wildin’ out!

Bryce L

You guys are so witty! I love the headlines here.

Max M

Thank you so much again for all your hard work ad creativity! These options are amazing!! Your group is truly so talented!

Lauren R

Thank you Diane for summarizing a big Twitter Trends report into a digestible summary. Thank you for getting this done so quickly.

I’ve shared this with our team of writers and content marketers to review and keep a reference to inform their work.

Lannie L

All SOWs have been submitted. Thanks to Renee for her super-fast turnaround.

Kelly K

This video sums up our client’s CRM journey and the cultural transformation forthcoming to the firm as a whole.

Thank you all for your support, your creative minds, and your patience with my space vision – you nailed it!


Totally agree – this looks super great and is approved.

Katie R

Many thanks, Jenn and Trevor!

To echo all of Patrick’s comments, your work has been nothing short of remarkable. We have been inspired by the creativity from the team, and greatly appreciated the partnership over the last weeks.

Thank you for the incredible work.

Kara K

So, yesterday a heavily masked stranger delivers a completely unmarked package to my house…

After a careful inspection, to ensure it wasn’t an explosive. I opened and it was full of delicious, Rocky Mountain-filtered Coors Light. And what may be the funniest rep letter I’ve ever gotten.

Lol, thank you all so much for the thoughtful package. So excited to work with you all again!


Johnny F

Wow, 10 years! What an accomplishment. Glad to see your company values giving back to the community and encourages learning and personal growth.

Jennifer R

Thank you! These look really great, appreciate you and the team. We’ll run with these – much appreciated!

Grant F

Thanks, Erica!

The event was a resounding success.

We will want to work with your team in the next couple of weeks to do a similar event for another customer.

Gabe M


I’m listening to 5 dysfunctions of a team on audible and I absolutely love it. I already want to listen to it again because it’s so good and full of pearls.

I love the way they are telling the story it’s like you get a snapshot of what’s happening in the org from all the diff perspectives. I’m at the part where Katherine was hired as CEO and she’s invited her team to the retreat. I love her style and how’s she approaching her role. Looking forward to hearing the outcome.

Thanks for the suggestion to read the book. Getting a lot out of it so far.

Faridah S

This turned out perfect! I’m making some final updates to the links and we’ll be sharing this out with the customer. Thank you!

Erin L

Gus, these are looking great! Thank you for all your hard work on these. Approved and very much appreciated!

Erika B

I haven’t had that much fun in a while so thank you! 😊


Thank you, everyone!

I enormously appreciate your teamwork, your gorgeous work product, and most importantly, your patience knowing that everything will and does change up to the very last minute. 😊 😊

Emily L

This meeting is going well today! Thanks, Sarah!

Dan P

Hi Jenn,

These are beautiful! Thank you so much for sending them over in such a short period of time. Appreciate the quick turnaround.

I’ve already forwarded on to the team, excited to use them!

Divya P

Thank you, Jenn!

Looking forward to setting aside time tomorrow to read it through!

We’ve so enjoyed getting to know, connect with you and your amazing team, looking forward to continued connection in the new year ☺

David R

Before I even say anything, a huge round of applause. This is awesome!

We made a huge step, seriously huge step. There were a couple of moments I felt chills down my back … where there were breakthroughs … thank you, guys, for putting words to things we have not yet put words to. Major breakthrough here.

Thank you for making that happen. Hope you guys thank whoever was in the back, thank them for me … Please carry thanks and the chills down my back … “Damn, that’s really good, like we didn’t think about that yet!”

Christina C

I would love that so much. I love these ideas, you are all the most talented humans in the world.

I, unfortunately, because of the workflow have to work with other agencies and I always prefer working with you.

Bailey R

Thank you all so much! I think that’s a wrap on the Engage & Inspire videos.

Really appreciate ALL of your work and patience.

You have been so wonderful to work with! ”

Ashley J

I just went downstairs to unwrap this amazing gift and I literally squeeled! How kind, thoughtful and generous. I also LOVED the custom notecard and hung it right on my fridge.

THANK YOU for thinking of me. I can’t wait to find the perfect spot to hang this amazing picture and will think of each of you each time I see it. I’m so grateful and truly can’t wait for the day we can meet in person and finally HUG! 🙂

Thank you from the bottom of my heart,”

Alina S

This is already my new favourite book. Love you.

I’m so damn proud. I thank ethanol everyday for bringing me to you 😊

Andrea K

Hi Kal,

Hope you had a nice weekend 🙂

I arrived home to Philly last night and found a package waiting for me. I was thrilled to open it and find a copy of ‘Hungry Little Monster’.

Thank you so much for sharing this story with me. It is such an exciting time for you and the PD family and I am so pumped I get to witness it firsthand!

Congratulations and thank you again!

Anne H

Great job, team! Lan, Gus, Jenn, Tanya, Lorne


PDvsCarbonCrisis and killing it


Thank you again for yesterday Kal it was amaaaazing. You are the best host for sure!

Ana A


You really are the best, aren’t you? Thank you for my lovely birthday wine surprise! They look amazing and I will be toasting to you this weekend as I try them.

Thank you for being so amazing to work with and for bringing so much joy into my life!

Alina S

Hi!! I’m going to quote my sales team..

“This is magical! EXACTLY what I need for tomorrow, thank you so much“

You guys make me look so good! Thank you for getting this sent just in time for the meeting tomorrow morning! You ROCK!

Rebecca R

“Reign Check”

Je Suis deceased.

Have a great first – short – summer – long – weekend.

Please give the team my love and let them know I’m still reading the footers ☺

Andrea K

Dear Kal, Lanny x amazing PD team,

We are forever grateful to have you all in our life.

Thank you for all the beautiful works you’ve done for all of us.




The verbiage exceeded all my expectations! Thank you!

Matt K

Love it all!

Approve ​😊 Let’s get it rolling!

Bailey R

We’re all very excited, and grateful to have your experience, talent, and energy with us.

Tyler M

Oh my gosh, you guys are the best. Thank you so much!

Molly M

I really love the summary! Thank you for the work you put into it, you nailed my vision!

Madeleine T

Hello PK! More great news from our sales leaders. They loved it!

Christina V

Thank you all! This video is amazing.


Vic and Team!

The work is great. You guys are awesome. And 15 mins to spare!

Kal M

It’s so pretty. It’s my new favorite project 😊

Ashleigh L

The client loves the creative assets. Thank you!


Awesome, Thank you all. Truly a dream team!

Lisa S

The team (almost unanimously – wow!) voted for Concept C. I love it too.

There’s a symbolism in the sunrise representing the emerging industries that make up the client’s business.

It’s great!

Kandace H

Amazing!! Thanks, Pixel Dreams team! Thanks for your diligent work and patience on this.

Sophia K

Y’all just made my day. Thank you!

Tamar H

Hi Vic,

Thank you so much! This is fantastic and well-received by the team.

Thank you so much again!

Patrick H

Thank you, Team!! You are moving mountains and I appreciate it so much!

Pasha M

WOW! All the creative for this event is amazing! Such great collaboration from everyone 🙏 😊

Michelle T

Thank you for V2! This looks excellent and we are thrilled with the way this has come together. These assets are all approved.

Megan H

Hi Tanya,

The copy for the email cadence is approved.

Thanks for getting that turned around so quickly!

Sean W

Really nice.

Thanks to the team for this.

Mark M

Wonderful, thank you so much! Let’s do the Tango e-gift card. That is a great solution.


Hi Adam,

This is so punny; I love it!

I added some minor suggestions to the doc. Other than that, it looks good to me.

Ashleigh L

Evening team,

This is AWESOME.

I absolutely love how this turned out! On my end, I AM OBSESSED.


Ana Althoff,
These are EXCELLENT. Thank you

Andrea M

Fantastic, thank you so much, team!

Eric O

You guys are truly amazing!!!

Thank you so much I received the package all is good in the world.

Michelle T

T-shirts are here and are PERFECT!

Lisa P


Tara G

Oh wow, thank you SO MUCH!!! Am so thrilled to see this.

Enjoy your internal function, and we’ll chat again on Monday.

Deborah S


These are absolutely amazing!! You guys are so creative. WE LOVE TO SEE IT!

Alina S

You guys used the new visual direction so well!

Meg R

Thank you!

You guys are always so good at these videos!

Samantha E

Looks great! Thank you, everyone!!!

Meg R


This all looks pretty good. Many thanks to Daniel for his insightful and technical suggestions.

Mark M

Thanks PK, I appreciate your contact reports SOOO MUCH!

Please see the updates below from me in blue. The timeline and everything looks great on my end.


I love this so much! Jenn is a national treasure. ❤

Ashleigh L

I commend you and your team for your ability to organize such a creative and artistic event. I would say that you have made your family and the community proud and you guys can be role models for and inspire many people in the community to aim high and dream big.


Thanks again for the invite to yesterday’s event! All the work was amazing. The community of artists assembled there was just inspiring and humbling.

You guys are doing amazing things and it’s great to follow your progress into the stratosphere! Would be great to catch up over a drink or a meal sometime.

My warmest regards to Lannie and love to the kids (they’re SO grown up! I still remember the playpen at your Spadina offices. Haha)

All the best brother.

Rohit S

You guys are truly amazing!!! Thank you so much I received the package all is good in the world.

Michelle T

Ana, Love all of these! Great work.

Andrea M

Trevor, you are all awesome – thanks so much!

Paul C

Hey Lad,
Still buzzin over the fantastic Pixel Dreams event!

The Pixel Dreams Team certainly give off an infectious vibe & obviously enjoy each other’s valuable contributions.

Mom & I will continue to be amazed by you and the team’s achievements!

Toni D

Mind blown.

Fabulous event … felt so much love from your team of extraordinary, unique, talented partners and associates.

Maureen D

I just wanted to say how wonderful yesterday’s event was, and how even though I know and have witnessed first hand how talented & hardworking the PDT is, it never ceases to amaze me what your team is able to create, accomplish, and execute. I hope everyone involved in making the event happen last night knows what an excellent job they did.

No response to this is needed, I just wanted to express my gratitude for being invited and I cannot wait for the next one.

Anja G

Hi Khalid,

Thanks for the great party/art show. It was great seeing you and Lannie 🤩 we had a fun time.

Hajar M

Amazing show the other night. I wish I could have stayed longer. You guys pulled together a fantastic event! I don’t know how you do it on top of everything else lol but my mind was blown. 🤯

Lisa S

Happy Rising Khalid,

I appreciate the invite.
You and the team did it again – an amazing presentation.


Marlon D

Legit the best party I’ve been to since Covid.
You are one talented artist dude, what can’t u do?

Waheed A

Hey hey thank you so much for everything! Congratulations on a great show!! Thank you for having me be a part of it. 🥰❤️

Bita P

You and the team hit it out of the park. You should be very proud, brother.
Love you,

Andrew C

That event was FRIGGIN AWESOME!!

Seriously, PD team really nailed it!

Ya’ll are truly the best and most talented people I know.

I look forward to more surprises!

Sheila K

Hey Kal!

Thank you, Lannie, and the team for the amazing experience last night.

The installations were awesome. My fav part was the whole thing – lol – too hard to pick just one. It was great. What a reawakening of our collective energy.

Thank you so much for hosting us!

Gabe D

Hi Kal,

Super party last night. You, Lannie, and the team did a remarkable job of creating a great enjoyable evening.

Lovely to meet you and Lani.

Michael A

Great to connect in person. And so good to see you both in action last night. Wonderful party. Great turn out. You have built a thriving culture of creativity with your Pixel Dream. Such a pleasure to see your extended community so happy and engaged.

Thank you so much for hosting me and for including me in your adventure in creative culture building.

Ted L

YEA!!! Omg PD is so f*cking talented, Wow!

Ellen L

We wouldn’t have thought of all these details. The presentation was so fun to watch. Great job!

Matthew D

You are all so creative!
We love what you’ve done.
This is perfect!

Samantha E

Thank you again for the incredible turnaround, you and the team are machines.


You all crushed this project – thank you so much for turning some pretty ambiguous direction into something great.

Jennifer R

Loving this.

So clean.

Nicely done.

Ashton W

Vic and Team,

I just wanted you to know that the Deloitte yacht event went off without a hitch!!! Everything arrived on time and looked seriously phenomenal. The customers were in awe.

THANK YOU for being on top of things, creatives, and just plain awesome. We couldn’t have done it without you.

Alina S

Hey Jenn,

Thank you so much!! Yay!

Really grateful to the whole team for the whole experience of nailing down key values from all the chaos we had floating around.

Christina C

Yeah! That is amazing news.

Thank you so much for the quick turnaround on this.

You are the best Vic So!!!

Alina S

Hey Tracy!

This is perfect. Thank you so much for your help and we can finalize the rest of the copy.

Excited to see the design portion!

Justin M

This is great PK!

It looks like we have everything we need.

Thank you!

Cicely P

Hey Jenn,

Looks good, let’s move forward with it.

Looks awesome, thank you so much!

Christina C

Hi Kal and Sarah,

This is absolutely amazing. What a wonderful guide this is for your team. I read through the template and can see how it could be easily adapted for our team. We use our V2MoM as the basis for Salesforce, but these questions within the doc will be great to bring into our Individual Development Planning. Thank you for sharing! It’s so neat to get a sneak peek into the PD culture and how you develop, mentor and grow the careers of your amazing talent. 🙏

Lisa S

Hi Vic,

I smile every time I open one of your emails.

Thank you.



It’s unbelievable. You guys really hit home run.


I know I sent you an email but now that I’m seeing you guys in person I just want to tell you again how incredible the 3M video is.

Thank you so much!


Great job taking notes in the project brief during our call Vic!

That’s called working smart ​🧠

Sarah E

Killing it in the background.

Can’t imagine PD life without you, Renee

Kal M

Hey Pixel and Salesforce teams,

Just wanted to say thank you for helping our launch this week! The video received great compliments from the organization and it is definitely getting noticed online.

Really appreciate both the vision and the overall effort on it.

Meg R

The team absolutely smashed this project and delivered 2 videos in a very short window.

ServiceOne team is very happy with the quality and turnaround time. Great job to those involved!

Thanks for bringing/delivering the magic.

Matthew W

The ‘course narrative’ is more casual/playful part of the course shows up as a pop-up above the other content – I like what Pixel did here.

Amanda H

Your team is so great.

I think because they understand the urgency, they’re just killing it. Andrea feels a little bit of weight taken off her shoulders because she sees we’re working with a team that understands the brand and can move quickly.

Michelle T


Thank you SO much! I love it.

Above and beyond

Bailey R

​✨ I knew I recommend y’all for a reason!

PS. I looked at the launch deck and I think the creative looks A++. I like the star vs the 💲😉

Michelle T

Thank you SO much.

I had such a tough week Darnell and this is the one thing that turned out right.

Tamar H

You guys really knocked this one all the way out of the park! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!

You’re the best as always.

Alina S

The Sales deck is looking really solid!

I like the Pro Tips, the flow is easy to follow, and the content is summarized nicely.


Tara G

Fucking Awesome.

Graham Y

PD team,

We are so impressed!!!

This deck is amazing and we don’t have any notes 🙂 so we are going ahead and share this with our partners.

Thank you so much! We appreciate it!


Thank you for always being amazing collaborators and experts in what you do!

Kandace H

You guys are awesome. Oh, I just love working with you guys. It’s amazing.

Even AddVirtual was like “Bringing in Pixel Dreams is a dream”. I knew that. They would be amazing. They would do amazing things.

So much gratitude to you guys. Because honestly, I feel like I’m not doing any work. You guys are doing all the work.

Michelle T

Thank you for the lovely wedding gifts!

This heartwarming card + family dinner (which we’ve been planning to do before the wedding but never got to). I’m so excited to see everyone again on Monday


I would love us to partner again; I love you guys as a whole!


We are truly grateful to have colleagues and friends who cared so much.

Mark M

“The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.” – Phil Jackson

That quote sums up how we ALL came together to make this event a true success! Thank you to each of you and what you brought to the table each and everyday! What a great event from start to finish from the creative, program management, production, services, and all of the hard work while making it FUN!

I am truly lucky to have the Pixel Dreams and AddVirtual team as partners! Much gratitude and can’t wait to see us KILL IT again at Copa Community.

Michelle T

In my role, I’ll be honest, I work with a lot of agencies and some of them are just….ugh.

You guys are by far the best to work with.



Thank you, PD ❤

Andrea K

There’s no easy way to say this, so we’ll rip off the band-aid.

We’ve decided to part ways.

Over the last year, we have not seen the quality of work we expected nor the amount of work that was promised…

– T, a friend since 1997 –


Pixel Dreams crushed the CrowdStrike F1 Challenge.

I would love to work with them again so we can repurpose some of the creativity we already have!

Bailey R

Fire as always – thank you! Just in the knick of time, too!


I can’t think of anything to improve because I feel my growth is truly up to me and PD supports me in every way.

Matt M

Next to my family, PD is the best that ever happened to me. In PD, I found my voice and I realize that I still have a chance to grow & improve myself.

Diane T

It has been a great experience for me working at Pixel Dreams. There are always new learnings and the motivation for everyone to improve in their heath and wellbeing and personal and professional development. Team spirit is great. And working towards a common goal in a uniform way makes the journey rewarding. Thanks, KM and the leadership team, for always being there for team members. You are totally appreciated.

Viviene B

They keep pulling me back in, it’s my third time working here. Every time I work for PD, I know I become a better person.

Kevin S

KM is a charismatic storyteller and impactful professional speaker.

He captivated our audience at our #InboundTO meetup by sharing his experiences in design, branding, and developing an authentic and lovable brand.

If you’re looking for a witty and knowledgeable speaker who can win over your audience, KM and the PDT come highly recommended.

Dev B

Team – you CRUSHED IT with this creative! Literally, no feedback – Gema loves it too!!

Please proceed.


Kal, you warned me that Pixel Dreams is not like other agencies, and you were clearly right.

I am absolutely speechless, your kindness is beyond words, and I feel truly lucky to be a part of this team.

Thank you, friends!

Tanya N

…and you guys are the best Ops team

Gus Q

Rune Knight Media previously existed without a visual identity.

To capture our essence digitally and physically, we engaged creative agency Pixel Dreams. We had an idea of what we wanted, but not exactly what that may look like.

To create clear concepts, the creative team of Pixel Dreams turned the brief around and made it about who we were, pulling inspiration from that which represents us. More on https://runeknight.com/brand.html

Rune Knight Media

You guys are seriously the best design team in the game, bar none

Sarah E

Hey everyone,

Thank you so much for the awesome presentation yesterday. It was a dream come true!

I’ve never seen the power level behind PD creative first-hand and this is truly next level.

I love you guys for having worked so hard on this, I can feel how much thought and care went into every little consideration.

Sheila K

Dude….. loved ALL of it.

Ya’ll are so talented I can’t!!

Sheila K

I’m literally speechless

Holy shit, it’s amazing. I’ve never seen something so amazing in my life

Sheila K

Beautiful! LOVE LOVE! Thank you Pixel team!

Kai J

This is fantastic! I LOOOOOOVE IT!

Katharine K

Love you guys! SERIOUSLY! LOVE YOU!

I read it through and through. I will forever adore your realistic yet optimistic point of view as I too share it with you.

Much love! We miss you!



Carla C

I got it and love it! Thanks a ton to all of you for getting this done – especially on a weekend! I’ll let you know how it goes tomorrow. I’m sure they’ll all love it just as much as I do.

Kareem K

This is great man, I can’t believe how much awesome stuff you guys fit in. I feel like you have some kind of magic that gives you more hours in the day or something lol

Keep up the great work!

Justin S

A HUGE thank you for your support. The deck was very well received!

Deborah S

I really like these.

Pretty sure last years is what cemented PD as our 1st choice marketing team.

Cheers to another year of growth and gratitude!

Tyler M

Virtual hugs! Thank you so much Jenn! Greatly appreciated from all of us here!

It is without a doubt one of the toughest times for all of us! Just knowing you’ve got our backs just as much as we have yours. I think that could put a smile on everyone’s face!

Meagan N

Will read now and jot notes here as I read:

  1. In a year that brought much uncertainty and anxiety, the return on investment from raising I+C among our team was unity and resilience . <------ Nice typo loser
  2. I like the design of this
  3. I’m on the mission part and I still don’t understand why I’m reading this
  4. This seems like a great recruitment tool. Not sure what else it’s used for.
  5. Like the book recos. Will buy some.
  6. At health and food and I’m happy I’m reading this. It really shows the commitment you terrorists have to your core values. Impressive.
  7. I am really inspired, man. Well done. I am certain you need to help us with our blog. We have the audience and are building the framework. You have the core values and talent. We have to do this. 2021 is about BUILD. Let’s build a hub where I+C is the focus.

Love it dude. Can’t believe you had a typo in that masterful document. WHAT A LOOOOOOSER

Love you

Dan D

THANK YOU!!!! It’s (the design) adorable!! You are the best!

Christine M

You all are SO AMAZING!!! #DREAMTEAM 🙂

Kai J

Could you & your team be any more cooler? It’s just not fair.

I have immense gratitude (see I read and thoroughly enjoyed the Accountability Report) for your team. One of the best surprises 2020 brought into my life!

Few questions:

  • How does one get invited to KM Fury?
  • How can one support your team’s Prison Reform Efforts?
  • Thank you, not a question but worthy of a bullet point.

Cheers to building a great 2021 together!

Courtney S

Got the board, and it looks fucking EPIC, just like the doctor ordered!

Dan P

This is fucking awesome!!!!!!!!!! Green light 🙂

Dan P

Everyone agrees it is AWESOME, and includes much epicness – exactly what we were going for.

Dan P

Took my breath away!

Graham Y

It was amazing! I asked her to send pics when she can, she loved EVERYTHING & she was so surprised! I can confirm she got all the items in this photo and dessert – yum! Thank you again for such creative ways to show our support for Jordyn & family!


Ashton W


The AE is so impressed and wow’d! Great job team (star emoji) I might have shed a tear – so moving!

We are a GO GO!

Ashton W

These are my people!

Becky B

Getting off our last call, I told the team that it was the best – my favourite meeting of the year!

Becky B

To the Pixel Dreams team and CCB team – it has been such a pleasure working together on this and we are so thrilled with the result. Thanks to all for your efforts to pull it together. Well done!


Jessica B

Thanks to you and the team! The feeling was mutual and it was definitely such a refreshing experience to work with you all.


Kareem K

Incredible stuff. Thank you for sharing Jenn!

Very proud of what we were able to accomplish together.

May K

I hope you’re both doing well!!! I wanted to thank you for the incredible product your team made for our client… they LOVED the video.


Thank you so very much for this. Both May and I are floored – they are really all very incredible

Erin M

Thank you Team!! As always you guys are so great to work with. We sincerely appreciate the efforts here… and to Kevin’s point I have no doubt we will be back!

Ryan M

I am obsessed with the copy for the kits! Consider it approved!

Bailey R

Team this is it. You really brought our vision to life. I don’t know how you did it, but you did.

This is going to be a long journey with our client, and we are already thinking up our next video project.

Thank You!

Kevin O

OMG this was so touching!!!

I don’t even know where to start… what a beautiful thoughtful gift. I will cherish it. Thank you so much.

Cinzia B

Awesome work all! If you want to start putting the bumper on everything the video is out there too 😉 Coming together!


Paul C

You guys! This is awesome. Thank you!

Ryan M

DITTO! You guys are the true best!

Alina S

Thank you once again for this opportunity.

I’ve been looking for an internship since January and I can say hands down this is the most enjoyable process of application I’ve had so far. I feel like I have been given a chance to be myself instead of being hammered with difficult questions that wouldn’t even reflect who I am as a person.


As usual, you all have been great to work with and we appreciate that!

Katie B

Ah this is amazing!! Opening this made us all smile and we are amazed by the attention to detail. I know Casey’s team will absolutely love it.

Emily T

As an assessment tool, I think it’s a great way to evaluate candidates. The instructions were perfectly clear.

Also, in my experience, offering a stipend for the effort puts your agency ahead of many others ethically speaking and I appreciate that!

Thanks again,


KM and Lannie,

I received an AMAZING gift from you all at Pixel Dreams. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

Maya Angelou is a favorite of mine and her words mean so much!

Thanks so much for the thoughtful gift.


Cindy T

To the PDT, thank you all for all your help in making this event come to life!! Huge kudos to you all!

Kim W

So, yesterday a heavily masked up stranger delivers a completely unmarked package to my house…

After a careful inspection, to ensure it wasn’t an explosive.

I opened and it was full of delicious, Rocky Mountain – filtered Coors Light.

And what may be the funniest rep letter I’ve ever gotten.

Lol, thank you all so much for the thoughtful package. So excited to work with you all again!


Jonny F

This is the best meeting I have been in all week!


Thank you so much for the lovely and SUPER thoughful gift you sent over. I cannot tell you how excited I am to bio hack my life (so not kidding – my sleep is going to get a major overhaul)

I am so grateful to have you as my partners, firiends, and family. I love you all million times over


Lisa P

Hello my favorite agency!!

Bailey R

This is so nice!! And not needed you guys are amazing
Literally the best surprise
I wish I could invite you in and open a bottle I’m so sad

Thank you so much, you’ve been there every step of the way

From my very first campaign

So much love and respect for you and the Pixel team. You make our job easier.

Rebecca R

Gives me chills! Love it. Excited to have the final version and start sharing it across the project!

Ashley J

This is already my new favourite book. Love you.
And so damn proud. I thank ethanol everyday for bringing me to you 🙂

Andrea K

The video was really well received. Appreciate all the great work you and the team put into getting us this far!

Kareem K

Dear Kal,

What an awesome surprise to receive your gift of the Hungry Little Monster – it was certainly a hit in our household and I truly appreciate your kindness.

I wish you all the very best taking PDVERSE forward and can’t wait to see what you come up with next.

Farid K

WOW! This literally gave me chills – ha! Greate job team.

Jessica B

I arrived home to Philly last night and found a package waiting for me. I was thrilled to open it and find a copy of ‘Hungry Little Monster’.

Thank you so much for sharing this story with me. It is such an exciting time for you and the PD family and I am so pumped I get to witness it firsthand!

Congratulations and thank you again!

Anne H

Hi Pixel Ohana,

Hope you are having a great weekend! I just came to my condo to the most “tear” jerking package! It’s exactly what I “kneeded” for a good laugh 🙂

Thank you for the shirt and fun-knee card. I’ll definitely be rocking that bionic knee shirt with pride. Happy to be a part of the club (of1?) lol.

Also, it was a double whammy to surprise, and also got another package with Hungry Little Monster. Congrats on this book! It’s so cute. Can’t wait to share it with my niece – she’s going to love it.

You guys are awesome as always!

Look forward to chatting with you all soon and showing up on a call with my new swag

Lisa S

My oh my! This is perfection and beyond what I initially envisioned!

Lisa S

PD Team, what can we say?? I’ve worked with some great creatives over the years but you guys are on a whole new level!!

Thank you so much!!!! It has been such a pleasure to work with you – such the smallest and flakiest of the briefs turned into amazing creative masterpiece in hours. You guys go to a whole different level and we can’t thank you enough.

Sally C

This is amazing. I can’t thank you both enough for pushing hard on this campaign and making it happen before the holidays. I know it was a lot of work!

Lisa S

This makes my heart sing. Thank you team!!


Everyone absolutely LOVES the video. It is the perfect ending to an incredible 2 weeks with our client.

We are forever grateful to you and the whole Pixel team for going above, beyond, and overtime on this!

Cindy D

I wanted to thank you so much for your excellent partnership in helping us be ready for this meeting with our client. You were so creative, helpful and responsive – it took a lot of the stress off of us so that we could prepare the executives for their delivery. I hope we get to work together again soon.

The meeting was a big success!

Christine S

This message is so sweet. I’m gonna cry.

Jenn N

Kharisel “Love it” , “Beyond adorable”, “SO CUTE” were also used hahaha. You absolutely killed these internal DM kit assests!

Lynn M

It is incredible – THANK YOU THANK YOU for pulling this off in such a short time frame!!

Kai J

Team has been phenomenal!

Paul C

We are SO GRATEFUL for this quick turnaround from you, Matt, and Gustavo.

The one-pager and video are going to make such an impact with our internal executives and client.

You guys are truly the best and we appreciate you always!

Alina S

Daniel and I want to start utilizing Pixel Dreams for more because really your work is impeccable. We are working on these account journey slides and our manager recommended we utilize a template created by another team. But then we thought… Pixel Dreams can do better!

Christina M

Team – just a quick note to say thanks for all the incredible work this week. Like I said this morning, we are making AMAZING progress on this project, and I truly appreciate all the work that you are putting into making this a success!

Ryan O

One of the best videos we have seen

Pat B

Can’t express how much I appreciate you working with me on this.

Olivia C

Shoutout to Gus who played a big role in making this happen as well

Trevor L

Huge thanks to everyone involved! The event was a success – we hit exactly 100 attendees! I’ll provide a more complete summary soon, after I take a nap 😉

Matt V

Wow!! You all constantly outdo yourselves. This is amazing.

Monica B

This is SO SO awesome! I was trying data merges in Indesign and then converting PDFs into Word docs. It was a mess. SO really appreciate this!

Lisa S

I swizzled my Day 2 deck last night and saw the updates. These are great. Thank you for delivering these. It may seem like a small thing but it’s the detail that changes the sessions from a string of powerpoints into a more of a show. Big production value increase.

I appreciate the dividers telling me what they are, the countdown timer and the animation. Great work. You guys rock!

Craig D

We knew it would be a mad dash but you pulled it off.
Already had great reviews from when it was shown in the kickoff!!!!
Thanks again.

Cindy D

Darnell, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE VIDEO. It was SOOOO well received on our kickoff call and such a great way to kickoff our event.

Sanaz F

I can’t say enough about how wonderful it’s been to partner with you all – if you need a testimonial very satisfied “Customer”, sign me up!

Matt V

A big thanks to the entire Pixel team – you have all crushed it, and expertly dealt with every ask, every revision, every “exciting timeline” that we’ve handed you. THANK YOU

Karin H

I 100% agree!!!! You guys absolutely nailed it, thank you for all of your work!

Karin H

It is amazing. Love it – and don’t want to change anything! Probably watched it 20 times.

Music is just right, perfect pop that we’re looking for before we get things going!!

Thank you to all involved!

Ryan O

Very well done. This will be a tremendous asset for us. Thank you!

Gregory H

Everyone absolutely LOVED the video in the welcome keynote Monday. They said it got everyone jazzed to see the level of executive commitment.

Olivia C

Thank YOU! I’ve said it before, but just the feeling of confidence I’ve been able to feel about such a huge piece of our event is a gift.

Honestly, it has also been a great experience getting to see the process.

I know what hard work this is and just really appreciate everything, including how you deal with my client.

Olivia C

It’s so stinkin cute! Nice work Pixel people, everything you have in the deck right now is just super adorable. Love it.

Ashley D

It’s BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!! Extremely well done team. I am excited to share this! Thank you all for the hard work

Elizabeth F

Y’all really have done amazing work; when I first clicked the link, my jaw hit the floor at how great it looks!


It is perfect and I love it! Thank you!!

Daniel D

We received several replies yesterday. One of them said “that is so awesome! We are excited to see it all come to fruition. Thank you so much for your partnership!”

Everyone loves the video design. Someone else said, “Very cute, very on brand!”

Chris R

We have been receiving a lot of positive feedback on this creative – all of the different teams love the copy and display banners! Big thanks to you and your team!

Grant F

This is not the typical testimonial but would love to give a shoutout to Design team for thinking outside of the box to recommend a better box design (see what I’m doing here?) to client. We went the extra mile to deliver outside of what we were originally tasked with 🙂

Jenn N

The social ads look really fantastic – thank you again for all of the hard work on these!

Karin H

Did you guys recently do a video for Humana? They just showed it on an all-hands call, it was impressive. 🙂

Steven S

Just wanted to say thanks again for the quick turnaround and detailed attention you took on the video. We shared it at the launch meeting and got great reactions to it (even had a few Gary Glitter shoutouts).

The team really appreciated a custom video that captures our excitement and partnership.

Annie L

Oh my gosh it is PERFECT! I love it so much.

Thank you, thank you. This is fantastic.

Bailey R

OMG this made my day!! Thank you for sharing. 🙂

It’s such a joy to work with you and the Pixel Dreams team and I’m so grateful for all your work!

Alina S

There are no words to describe how fabulous you guys are! THANK YOU!

Abigail L

Just wanted to send a quick note to say, your team is ABSOLUTELY crushing it.

From the new campaign, to this telco campaign that we can scale, and all the great ideas…it’s been awesome to see the quick turn around and innovative ideas coming from you all, as per always.

Lisa S

This is a hit! Love the layout of the page and the messaging is a slam dunk 😉

Lisa S

LOVE this!! So fired up!

Thank you for the quick turnaround and a great video that captures our message and excitement!

Annie L

Your team is on fire this week! Thank you so much for the designs!

Chelsey L

You guys, these are AMAZING!

Now the hard part is making a decision on which one.

Abigail L

Your team absolutely killed it! I love these designs.

Pasha M

Dear KM, Lannie x amazing PD team,

We are forever grateful to have you all in our life.
Thank you for all the beautiful work you’ve done for us.


Khoa L

Now, I have more exciting things happening in a month than I did in the first 25 years of business. You guys have been here for a huge part of that.

Mark M

Above and beyond on that one!

Max M

Dear Team,

Take a look at how the ECAO and IBEW are featuring your/our work in their advertising campaign.

We all have reason to be proud.

Max M

Hey KM and Lan,

I just wanted to let you know, Mickey has been a remarkable guy to work with.

Aside from Lannie, I don’t think I’ve ever dealt with someone so knowledgable and able to resolve issues so quickly. He’s also been a really good communicator as well – explaining things so that even I can understand them (and that’s no small feat, I’m a pretty slow learner)

Anyway – I realize this kind of talent can be hard to find, so I wanted to point it out and say thank you for hiring this guy!

Seth W

Thank you Mr.Monké

This is the most encouraging and positive non-acceptance letter I’ve ever received.
Hope you’re doing great.



WOW! I’m thrilled with this. The design is clean and user-friendly while communicating important messages to our clients.

Max M

This is so incredible. THANK YOU! We are thrilled with how this turned out, and the timing couldn’t have been better. I’m excited to share it with our client!

We sincerely appreciate your great team. This was a fun project and we hope to do it again with you soon.

Ryan M

Thank you so much for the beautiful work and quick turnaround on this project! Your partnership and willingness to work with our crazy timelines is truly appreciated.

Emily L

How’s the Pixel Dreams crew doing these days? I assume thriving no doubt!

I had never read the “story” of your company. It had me smiling when I checked it out yesterday!


You exceeded what I was expecting. You went above and beyond. This is awesome

Jonny F

I’ve completed the questionnaire. I’m also attaching the PDF version, just in case you cannot view my answers on the google doc.

That said, this was an intense process for the past couple of days. I’ve rarely had a chance to introspect so much, and it’ll be great if you could pass my thanks to whoever designed this questionnaire.


The PD team is awesome! Thanks so much for helping out with this at the last minute!

Max M

My friends, I am tearing up with happiness–what a wonderful suprise to start the day. I immediately shared with Tonga who said one word “wowzerz”
All our love,

David P

We’re excited to announce that our website was chosen as the “Site of The Day” on bestcss.in
For us, it’s one more proof that the redesign was a success.

Pavel D

Thanks again for this – your team is хохо Seriously you’re the best, a delight to work with

Andrea K

Omg Ah-maize-ing !! I’m in love. Pop Pop!

Andrea K

We are completely blown away with what you guys have been able to do without a real store even existing. Keep going, we absolutely love it!

Graham Y

This is amazing work guys, thank you so much! The team loves the latest animations update ❤

Pavel D


Wanted to pass along feedback from a customer attendee who really appreciated the “Kids” section part of the CIO advisory Board landing page. Her second to last sentence was great “…I noticed that special touch and it brought me joy” 😊

Apryl W

Still my lucky day. Your team is an incredible partner thank you so much

Olvier D

Glad to see your company values giving back to the community (like Salesforce) and encourages learning and personal growth.

Jennifer R

Another thing that Pixel Dreams is brilliant at is taking our idea and building a beautiful ___________ that is relevant to what we’re doing. Take our idea and times it by a million

Kim B

Hi Kal,

It was my pleasure!

It was an easy choice for me to recommend you. Although I may not interact with you and the team as much as I would like on the day-to-day, I see the level of collaboration and quality of work produced with my team.

Thanks for being a great partner and I will definitely take you up on that lunch offer 😉


Kris M

Hey Team,

It’s been really crazy over here with our event and all of our asks coming your way. I just wanted to say THANK YOU.

Seriously you guys are an extention of us and always willing and eager to help (even with our crazy timelines).

What you do is a lot of work, it doesn’t go unnoticed and we really enjoy working with you all.

Thank you for helping through our busiest times and always being a DreamTeam we can lean on.

Lisa S

THANK YOU for making today and everyday perfect for me. I love you all so much and am so thankful you are part of my life.

Thank you for everything

Lisa P

Thank you again for the awesome work on such a tight timeline. You guys are everything Lisa said you would be (which I didn’t doubt for a second).

Lindsay C

I just wanted to mention that this has definitely been the most interesting hiring process that I have ever gotten to experience.

My interest for the company and becoming a part of it has been consistently increasing throughout.


It’s been a wild and fun pre-event ride and it’s been a pleasure to work with you all on it!
#DreamTeam Lets get it!

Sue F

Thanks for being with us every step of the way to help bring it all to life!

Lisa S

I wanted to take a moment and give thanks to you and your team for welcoming me to your office on Friday. The lunch was absolutely delicious and blew me away.

Thanks to Lan for her exquisite culinary skills. I loved seeing a different work culture than what we’re typically used to. It opened my eyes to what it could be like.

I also appreciated you taking time to share advice with me on my next path to leadership.

Thanks for the book suggestions. I will definitely read them. Have a great week and please stay in touch.

Faridah S

I have never met a company before with the strength of culture of this rockstar group. They work hard, they play hard, they have purpose.

Dylan H

Team is crying tears of joy!

Graham Y

100%, amazing marketing

Eddy S

I just wanted to thank you for the quick turnaround on this project. I hate putting tight timelines on creative things as I find the final product suffers, but the end result looks amazing… I really feel the whole thing will make our relationship with our client that much more professional. Great work team!

Max M

Hey Guys,

I just wanted to thank you for the t-shirts you made for us and the baby! That is the best gift we’ve ever received and we really appreciate your creativity and attention to detail.

You guys are awesome!!!

Pavel D

Gloomy, cloudy day where you are? Here’s a message of hope from a job applicant to brighten your day.


Your loss, motherfuckers.

– Grant

Hi Grant,

Thank you for your interest in joining our team. We have received an enormous amount of interest. This is an important role to fill and we will be taking our time to go through every candidate’s resume and reaching out as soon as we can.

Thank you kindly,


Grant P

Thank you Pixel Dreams for your capabilities, diligence, and flexibility in understanding the academic landscape and taking our website (2015-2016) project from planning, messaging, to launching. Notably, your capabilities in visualization, simplification, and organization of complex information, your diligence in organization, communication, and reporting, your flexibility in handling and supporting unexpected changes of scope, and lastly, your creative problem-solving capabilities.


Kyle R

KM and his amazing team created and ran the best blockchain event of 2018! I was invited as a speaker and have attended numerous blockchain events this year including consensus and devcon and I was blown away by the level of professionalism and detail that went into making this event a huge success.

Jason M

On November 20th, I spoke at the Blockchain10x event that KM and the Pixel Dreams organized.

I’ve been attending blockchain and crypto events for several years and I have to say that this was one of the most well organized and executed events that I’ve had the pleasure of being apart of. From the moment that I walked into the venue it was clear that every detail had been considered and taken seriously. Everything from the branding and graphics for the event (which were truly unique), the the high quality line up of other speakers that I shared the stage with, to the flow and organization of the event – It was truly a treat to be a part of this. Most importantly, the mix of content and speakers addressed both beginners and experts in the room -which is typically a hard balance to strike. I’m looking forward to attending the next one, which I have no doubt will knock the first one out of the park!

Genia M

I have worked with my people in the branding industry for many years and by far KM and his team are one of the best. The Blockchain10x event they put on is one of the best events I have ever been too! And trust me, I have been to many events in the Blockhchain space. This was literally 10x better, no pun attended.

Ameer R

I was an opening speaker at Blockchain 10x event. It was an honor and great fun at the same time. That was the most epic Blockchain event I have ever attended – great combination of serious technical talks, fun decorations, golden outfits and entertaining hosts. I am looking forward to Pixel Dreams events in the future and am hoping to be a part of them.

Elena S
CEO & Founder

KM and his team have organized the best Blockchain event in Toronto this year – Blockchain10x!
Lots of good information – and, most importantly, it was lots of fun! We can use more fun in blockchain space for sure!

Dmitry B

KM and the team at Pixel Dreams really delivered on our Honeybee project with a suite of videos and creative assets that were produced extremely well, and executed on time and on budget. It took them very little time to grasp the business and what were trying to accomplish. Despite the tight timelines and the strong creative vision that preceded them, they added a lot of value and made it absolutely frictionless to work with them.

David K
Executive VP

KM and the Pixel Dreams team are a dynamic, intelligent, and creative group that work extremely hard and collaboratively to deliver the best they can for their clients. Overall, their flexibility with clients and commitment to satisfaction makes them a preferred choice.

Roshni W

It’s rare that you come across standout talent like KM. ‘Ridiculously amazing’ is the phrase I use to describe his work and the new website he designed for my association.

Over the course of our project, KM took on many roles – designer, collaborator, confidant, and partner in crime! He immersed himself in our brand, our products, and delivered a website that surpassed our wildest dreams. His passion for design, positive energy, and quality of work is top-notch.

I would work with him again in a second.

Andrea K
Vice President

I just wrapped up a website project with KM and the Pixel team and am absolutely in love with the final product. We came to Pixel with a huge wish list and some ideas but no real vision for what the end product would look like and the Pixel teams took our ramblings and turned them into exactly what we had hoped for. The site is fun, interactive, showcases our brand and its personality and enhances the beauty of the projects we post in a way that the old one couldn’t.

Thank you to the whole Pixel Dreams team!

Victoria L

KM came to my graduating class at Guelph-Humber and shared his insights gained through his intriguing life experiences. As a citizen of the world, KM gives his time to others so that they can contribute and make a difference. Thank you KM.

Dan E

KM & his team put every single part of their being into each project. If you are lucky enough to have them take you on as a client, you can expect nothing less than perfection. They took our old branding and sculpted the future of a brand that is setting the industry standard for DJ control. Without their expert advice, our company would never be at the level it is today. THANK YOU KM!

Alan S
CEO & Founder

KM and the Team at PD re-created our website and all our new branding. Great team to work with and made the process easy and fun while always staying focused on the results. Highly recommended.

Bill G
CEO & Partner

KM’s work speaks for itself. A sharp, passionate and innovative achiever.

Ashraf A

KM is an impressive go-getter with good skills, excellent judgement, and the perseverance needed to accomplish challenging projects. I have worked with many branding, design, and web agencies in Toronto. Pixel Dreams is absolutely top of my list as my highest recommendation from a design and communications perspective. Their work is excellent and they pride themselves on quality – from aesthetic to code. KM and Pixel Dreams Delivers.

Arthur C
Partner & Investor

We engaged KM and his stellar team at Pixel Dreams to help design and unify our branding, as well as consult us on brand strategy. Our team was extremely impressed with the journey they took us through. At every level, KM and his team wow’d us, from weekly reports to client presentations. His insight and explanations were invaluable. The brand book PD developed is used on a regular basis. Our business cards stop people in their tracks constantly.

Every organization needs a strong brand strategy to achieve long term success, and I couldn’t recommend anyone better than KM and his team for the job.

Dan D

Moving into the new Google Toronto office was a big and exciting step. As Google’s Corporate Engineering Site Lead, my team and I had the pleasure to be tasked with re-inventing our central technology office, Google Toronto’s Tech Stop. We reached out to KM and his multi-disciplinary design team at Pixel Dreams to help decorate, design and create custom Google art for our shop.

What we received was above and beyond our expectations. KM’s team designed and executed an immersive experience, completely re-inventing the mood and atmosphere of our Tech Stop, while being considerate of Google’s brand standards. I highly recommend KM and Pixel Dreams to anyone looking for creative ideas and solutions, out-of-the-box thinking, and amazing design. Simply put – you can trust KM and his team get the job done perfectly.

Majid M
CEO & Founder

Your brand needs KM. Your advertising needs KM. He and his team at Pixel Dreams have been family to us. They helped us visualize our brand, and visually communicate what makes us unique.

Their energy and creativity is incredible. Much love for the PD team.

Paul C

Take one part creativity, mix it with one part professionalism, add in a big dollop of fun, and what will you get? Pixel Dreams.

I first met KM during a search for a new partner to help us re-brand our company with a new name and a fresh online presence.

Every interaction with KM, during the initial search, was professional and very responsive. Pixel Dreams made it to a short-list of three firms, from over 15, and that is where they really began to blow the competition away. They actually listened to our requirements, did their homework, and then impressed us with an extremely professional proposal that met our objectives.

The decision to go with KM & Pixel Dreams was unanimous!

Once the project began, it went extremely smoothly. They always came to meetings prepared and let us in on how they made decisions, allowing us to understand their guiding principles.

It was also apparent that they were a true partner and collaborated with us as an extended part of our team – so much so that we invited them to our Christmas party!

We loved the creative process that led to our new name and we were very impressed with their method of designing all our marketing collateral and our website. The project came in on time and on budget.

We love our new brand and so do our clients. We even received congratulatory emails and phone calls! Customers feel very confident and excited about the new brand.

Our goal was to change our image and we did it. The web traffic is better now than with all of our three previous sites combined. Our traffic increased by 100%, on average, and we’re appearing in the top spot on Google searches with some very powerful search terms.

I highly recommend Pixel Dreams to anyone who wants to make their marketing dreams come true.

David M
CEO, Co-founder

I have had the opportunity to collaborate with KM on a number of occasions both in his capacity of a branding and identity expert, as well as having him lead courses and provide instruction through our technology learning organization, The YMC.

KM has proven to be a highly effective instructor, able to engage the audience from both a lecture-delivery standpoint as well as leading participants through hands-on learning exercises.

There is never a dull moment when KM is in front of the room: his observations are sharp, anecdotes resonate, and the audience always leaves the session inspired, enlightened, and motivated to put new approaches into action.

Mark R
Senior Leader, Engineering

Cool designs, really. How can you say you are socially conscious when you design for mercenaries and casinos? what paradigms will you change? not the paradigms of violence and greed. It is ridiculous that you quote Lenin. You are obsequious, dishonest, middle-class corporate whores and you know it. Still, I hope you will invite me to the party.


In late July of 2012, we (Pixel Dreams) received our first *HATE* mail. So we looked the person up, found a few interesting photos, and created an art piece.

After being in conversations with Ren, we found much similar passions and ideologies. Unfortunately, he’s no longer hating, but the artwork is still cool. So with Ren’s permission, we decided to publish it on our Facebook page.

Ren D

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