A Toast to Entrepreneurs

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Our partners have been attending Strategic Coach‘s quarterly workshops for entrepreneurs in the past year. Growth aside, there are many things we appreciate about our journey with Coach. As partners in business and life, we share an affinity for Dan Sullivan and Babs Smith’s partnership in bringing Strategic Coach into the world. Coach’s philosophy of entrepreneurial freedom—coupled with practical thinking tools to expand it—resonates deeply with us. At every workshop, we meet fascinating people, exchange stories and experiences in uplifting conversations, then come away with ample insights and clear commitments for the next quarter.

Spring Spark

After every workshop, most of those who don’t need to get on a flight or return home immediately, get together at a nearby restaurant to hang out. When the idea sparked to host a party for our Coach friends, we wondered why we didn’t think of it sooner! If there’s something we love more than growing, it’s having a good time while we’re at it. Over the years, hosting has been our favourite way to flex creative muscles, create memorable experiences, make significant connections, and have a blast.

A week before 2019 Summer Solstice, we had the pleasure of hosting and toasting some pretty amazing people, including our coach Gary Mottershead and fellow entrepreneurs from Strategic Coach, and friends from the Toronto’s entrepreneur community.

Thank you!

To all that could attend, thank you for making the time to let loose and get close with us. To those who couldn’t, we’ll catch you at our September party!


Summer in the Six

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