Kids Bootcamp / March Break 2023

Inaugural PD Kids Bootcamp is a PD dream come true.

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In the early days of PD, our founders envisioned the company as a place where parents could proudly bring their children. When Khalid and Lan welcomed their first child, Philo, in 2011, they and the PDT were determined to create an environment that accommodated children and actively contributed to their growth. Lan’s return to full-time work shortly after Philo’s birth (one week!) reinforced the importance of making it easy to integrate family and work life.

The ethos of nurturing the next generation’s I+A paved the way for the PD Kids Bootcamps, an old idea that finally became a reality this past year. Our PD Castle became a playground and workshop for kids who enjoyed a variety of activities. The kids were excited for the adventure ahead, and we were excited for this opportunity to invest in our core purpose in a meaningful and impactful way.

Below, we showcase how our cadets embarked on a journey of creativity and self-discovery, setting the stage for their future growth and innovation.



Igniting Curiosity, Fostering Independence


Our March Break bootcamp transformed the PD Castle into a dynamic learning hub, where each day brought new challenges and experiences. Activities were designed to deepen our cadets’ understanding of technology, nature, and the arts.

More than just fun and games, the camp encouraged the kids to become more self-reliant—teaching them to prepare their own meals, care for the environment, and explore mindfulness through meditation. We’re sure the kids will never forget their snowball fight with the CEO, breaking down the traditional barriers between mentorship, leadership and camaraderie.



Capturing Camp Magic


To give you a real sense of the adventure and learning that unfolded at the PD Kids Bootcamp, check out the video capturing some of the magical moments that made this camp a fun and transformative experience for our cadets.




Inspiring the Leaders of Tomorrow


At first glance, the March Break PD Kids Bootcamp looks like any other camp: full of fun, friendship, and a few new discoveries. Diving deeper, the program focused on growth and innovation.

Through challenges that blended with play opportunities, our cadets learned the importance of perseverance, self-reflection, and curiosity.


Day Lesson & Mantra Lunch & Activities
Mon Day 01 Discipline = Freedom! And Freedom = Fun! Lunch: Pizza Bagels
Dessert: Triple Layered Hot Banana Chocolate Crisp
Activities: Cook and clean, and clean some more!
Tue Day 02 We are courageous (Grrrrrr!)
and curious (Hmmmm…)
Lunch: Toasted Egg Sandwiches with Chees
Dessert: Salad, with a secret ingredient
Activities:Cook and clean, and a few minutes of videogames
Wed Day 03 I am smart to seek wisdom! Lunch: Grilled Chees & Tomato Soup
Snack: Cheesy Nachos
Activities: Hiking in the woods. Snowball fights. Video games!
Thu Day 04 Silence. The cadets took part in a meditation session. Lunch: Nacho-style Hashbrowns and Chicken Nuggets
Activities:1. Stairing competition
2. Serious playfight, kids against the Sarge, followed by
3. Meditation in the Zen Den
4. Video Games!
Fri 05 The cadets repeated and recited the three main mantras on their own. Lunch: Pizza, wings, and lots of snacks
Activities: Drawing, colouring, and video games.



The first PD Kids Bootcamp embodied a holistic approach to Raising I+A that encompasses growth and learning. For the adults, the camp was an important reminder of our duty to nurture in young people a mindset of growth and adaptability.



Our PD Kids Bootcamp is one of many ways we invest in a future where individuals are encouraged to think critically, creatively, and compassionately.

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