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A resource for you and your organization

Does your organization have a clear purpose larger than profit, serving customers, or being the best in your industry? Is your organization’s ultimate purpose clear and known by your staff, customers, and community? Below you’ll find a snippet from our 2021 Mid-year State of the Nation defining MTP, the importance, and what our (The PD) MTP is.

We share this internal document to:

  1. Highlight the strategic and cultural advantages of having purpose beyond just making money
  2. Support you in strengthening your organization
  3. Reinforce and stay accountable to our purpose


If you have any questions, or would like to learn more about how we help leaders crystallize and present their organization’s purpose, please reach out here.

Accountability Report

See our latest I+A Accountability Report at PixelDreams.com/news/reports.

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