Star Trek Scholarship Program

We are excited to announce The Pixel Dreams Star Trek Scholarship. This old-school-PD initiative merges the wisdom of Star Trek with our company’s core values, offering a unique pathway to personal and professional growth.




PD will be giving eligable candidates $1,000 per season of Star Trek watched.



This scholarship opportunity is for 2024 only. We may or may not continue this scholarship in future years.


Program Requirements

To be eligable for the program, you must be a full-time PDTer with a PD handle, living in Canada. If you live outside of Canada, and would like to take part, please connect with your immediate leader. In addition, you must adhere to the following standards of our program requirements.


  • The entirity of a season must be watched in less than six months.
  • A season is not eligable for the scholarship if it takes you longer than six months.
  • However, you are more than welcome to watch up to two seasons per quarter, earning you a $2,000 bonus. Theoretically, you can earn up to $8,000 this year through our scholarship program.
  • If we continue to the scholarship program in 2025, additional seasons past eight will be accepted in the next year.


  • You are to document the day, time, and location of each episode watched. If the episode is watched with others, we encourage you to add their name. See example below:

    E26 // The Neutral Zone
    Stardate: 41986.0 Original Airdate: 16 May, 1988
    Date & Time: Fri, Jan 26, 09:30 pm
    Location: 19CC
    Participants: Khalid, Lannie, Philo, Sophie

  • Minimum notes per episode: describe morals and learnings. Bonus: hidden messages and references. Your episode notes will not be reviewed. We expect you to adhere to the honour system.


  • You must be fully engaged while watching. That means, no background watching, ie doing other things while the episode plays.
  • You must have an opinion on episodes and seasons, and be able to have a casual conversation with a bonafide Trekkie.
  • Be prepared to answer Trek questions like, “what is the Prime Directive and why is it important?”

How to start

  • You are to start at The Next Generation, Encounter at Farpoint (TNG E01-S01) and watch in order.
  • You are eligable to start Deep Space Nine (DS9), the CEO’s favourite, once you are completed TNG season four. We recommend watching TNG and DS9 in tandem, going back and forth between the shows.
  • You are ligable to start Star Trek Voyager once you have completed all of TNG and season three of DS9


Speak to your direct leader on how you can take part. Bonuses will be paid out at the end of each quarter.






Our scholarship program is more than an incentive to binge watch geek sci-fi; it’s a testament to our dedication to raising I+A. Studying Star Trek is a master class in advancing ones philosophies on management, leadership, teamwork, problem solving, values, principles, and so much more. The series, renowned for its imaginative exploration of complex issues provides a fertile ground for stimulating thinking and ethical considerations. Its portrayal of diverse, collaborative teams working towards common goals mirrors the fundamental dynamics of our workplace at PD. Like Star Trek, we continuously aim to foster an appreciation for multiculturalism, teamwork, and leadership. Furthermore, Star Trek’s scenarios enable a unique form of scenario planning, encouraging you to think critically about the potential impacts of emerging technologies and evolving societal norms. By engaging with Star Trek, we hope for you to gain insights into the future, develop a broader understanding of complex issues, and hone your strategic thinking skills, making you more valuable to your PD Team, and your community.

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