Merging technology with arts & culture

Autumn 2017


Blockchain10X brought together experts in the blockchain community and curious newcomers to learn and party in an intimate, unconventional atmosphere. Shattering the tech conference mold with its multidisciplinary approach, the event featured an informative introduction, two insightful panels and Q&A sessions and an eclectic networking mixer. Education met entertainment through costume contests, cryptocurrency prizes, limited-edition art, drinks, food, and music.



Introduction to Blockchain

Elena Sinelnikova, Founder of CryptoChicks

Panel 01: Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies 101

Moderator: Ameer Rosic, CEO of Blockgeeks
Genia Mikhalchenko, Member Services Exec, Blockchain Research Institute
Dmitry Buterin, Co-founder of Blockgeeks and L4 Ventures, Blockchain investor
Joseph Weinberg, Co-Founder & CEO at Paycase
Michael Gord, Founder & CEO at MLG Blockchain Consulting

PANEL 02: ICOs – What the hell and why?

Moderator: Ameer Rosic, CEO of Blockgeeks
Ethan Buchman, Co-founder & CTO of Tendermint
Ethan Wilding, Co-founder at Ledger Labs
Jason Matthison, Co-founder & Managing Partner at Blockgeeks
Matthew Spoke, Founder of Nuco & Aion


The Team

Creative Team

Founder & CEO: Kal Sayid
Experience & CTO: Lannie Lê
Partner & Art Director: Trevor Landon
Account Manager: Sarah Eskandarpour
Designer & Illustrator: Mark Galura
Designer: Lily Lê
Researcher & Writer: Daniel Libby
Editor: Sarah Prince
Event Assistance: Justine Nguyen


Lily Lê, Serge Khrumalo, Mark Galura


Disk Jockey Extraordinaire: Andrej Patrman


The Spoke Club, 600 King St W, Toronto
Special thanks: Jale Ferland & Jackie Marculescu


Paula Opazo-Schofield | Jason Jarrett | Marco Tedesco, Nadia Scolaro, & the Wildcard team.


Thana Axiotis, Angel Ho, Sage Westley, Camille Tuason, Lily Lê, Rob M

AV Partners

Aaron Gaistman, Adam Clark, Quewin Warnasuriya & the Toronto Sound team
Ted Ghanime & Kevin Sarasom

Print Partners

Kevin McLoughlin, Afra Shroom, & the The Printing House Branch 088 team.




Taking blockchain to outer space – and bringing it down to earth

Blockchain10X’s eccentric approach to cryptocurrency was embodied by the event’s funky branding. This branding subverted the formality of the conference format, channelling instead a lively, exploratory, and all together interplanetary atmosphere. Attracting an audience from within and outside of the tech industry, Blockchain10X’s branding was essential to the construction of a truly collaborative evening.

Ameer Rosic, Co-Founder

One of the best.

I have worked with my people in the branding industry for many years and by far Kal and his team are one of the best. The Blockchain10x event they put on is one of the best events I have ever been to! And trust me, I have been to many events in the Blockhchain space. This was literally 10x better, no pun attended.
Dmitry Buterin, Co-Founder
Blockgeeks, Ethereum

The best Blockchain event in Toronto

Kal and his team have organized the best Blockchain event in Toronto this year - Blockchain10x! Lots of good information - and, most importantly, it was lots of fun! We can use more fun in blockchain space for sure!




Broadcasting across galaxies

Existing relationships in both the technology and arts & culture communities were leveraged to amplify Blockchain10X’s message across disciplines and experience levels. Deliverables included:

  • Microsite
  • Eventbrite
  • Newsletter
  • Social media
  • Custom stickers
  • Photobooth
  • Public relations
  • Sponsorship deck



Event collateral


Material matter in the Blockchain10X orbit

Branded materials enhanced participation and extended learning opportunities beyond the event itself. Event collateral included:

  • Lootbags filled with:
    • Postcards featuring limited-edition art
    • Coupons to be redeemed for free Ether
    • Stickers
    • Drink tickets
    • Intro to Blockchain informational booklets
  • Packaged gold jibbers
  • Name tags
  • Vertical banners acknowledging sponsors and founders
  • Noise management signage
  • Wayfaring signage
  • Hostess & crew apparel


Jason L. Matthison, Co-Founder

Blown away by the level of professionalism and detail.

Kal and his amazing team created and ran the best blockchain event of 2018! I was invited as a speaker and have attended numerous blockchain events this year including consensus and devcon and I was blown away by the level of professionalism and detail that went into making this event a huge success.
Elena Sinelnikova, Founder

Most epic Blockchain event I have ever attended

I was an opening speaker at Blockchain 10x event. It was an honour and great fun at the same time. That was the most epic Blockchain event I have ever attended - great combination of serious technical talks, fun decorations, golden outfits, and entertaining hosts. I am looking forward to Pixel Dreams events in a future and is hoping to be a part of them.


Commissioned art


Out-of-this-world art from Torontonian artists

Blockchain10X gave founders and sponsors the opportunity to commission works responding to blockchain technology and reflecting the creative direction of the event. The commissioned artists are members of the Pixel Dreams Team collective. Their works speak to their participation in the event and the efforts of the Creative Team to which they belong. These works were displayed at the event and provided to attendees in the form of limited edition postcards.

Blockchain – Untitled

Artist: Lily Lê
Commissioned by: Toronto Sound, Ted Ghanime, Pixel Dreams
Description: The world’s past, present, and possible future, as seen from the perspective of blockchain. Blockchain’s polarizing potential is represented by those unwilling to change and those willing to take risks for change.
Medium: Ink on canvas, 14 x 17 inches (2017-11)

Reflections of Technology

Artist: Serge Khrumalo
Commissioned by: Blockgeeks, Pixel Dreams
Description: Exponential growth. Blockchain. AI. Sentient dreams of memories.
Medium: Acrylic on canvas, 3 x 4 feet (2017-11)

Blockchain Invasion

Artist: Mark Galura
Commissioned by: Polymath, Pixel Dreams
Description: Dreams of a retro future. A world post-banking and post-government institutions.
Medium: Acrylic on canvas, 3 x 4 feet (2017-11)

Genia Mikhalchenko, Blockchain Strategist
Blockchain Research Institute

The most well organized and executed events that I've had the pleasure of being apart of.

On November 20th, I spoke at the Blockchain10x event that Kal and the Pixel Dreams organized. I've been attending blockchain and crypto events for several years and I have to say that this was one of the most well organized and executed events that I've had the pleasure of being a part of. From the moment that I walked into the venue it was clear that every detail had been considered and taken seriously. Everything from the branding and graphics for the event (which were truly unique), the the high quality lineup of other speakers that I shared the stage with, to the flow and organization of the event - It was truly a treat to be a part of this. Most importantly, the mix of content and speakers addressed both beginners and experts in the room—which is typically a hard balance to strike. I'm looking forward to attending the next one, which I have no doubt will knock the first one out of the park!