A Life Gone By

Visuals in motion to smooth R&B / hip hop tracks

Autumn 2017

Hip hop / rap artist Ellevan’s first journey into R&B as the foundation of the album. In A Life Gone By, we witness the vulnerable insight into the struggles of an artist as he learns, hands on, how to live and how to flow.



Music: Ellevan


Creative Director: Kal Sayid
Graphic Designer: Lily LĂȘ
Motion Graphics: Mark Galura


.01 Imposter (3:09)
.02 Get Down, ft Rob Christian 3:15)
.03 Forever (3:28)
.04 Her Loss, ft Andrew McAnsh (3:38)
.05 Starbound, ft Kaylah (4:06)

Album art, including booklet

Inspired by the cosmic tripped out music and vocals produced by Ellevan.


Motion Backgrounds

Designed to accompany the tracks…

These cosmic videos are an eclectic journey following an emotionally charged personal object falling through the depths of space into infinity.

01. Imposter


02. Get Down


03. Forever


04. Her Loss


05. Starbound