Hungry Little Monster

For curious children and courages parents



Hungry Little Monster is on a journey to discover who he is and what important things he has to do. Come with him on his search for both food and answers. Find out what happens when Little Monster meets mysterious Old Monster, confident Beagle‑Doodle, responsible Mr Fluffy and more!

We’re proud to showcase Hungry Little Monster, PD’s first published children’s book. Filled with hidden messages and metaphors, we also published A Reader’s Companion, a guide for curious children and courageous parents. We loved the story so much, we decided to turn it into an animated short.


Storyteller & Character Design: J Boba
Executive Producer: KM
Creative Director: KM
Executive Editor: Lannie Lê
Assistant Editor: Marla Hurov
Lead Illustrator: Lily Lê
Research & Assistant Writer: Dr Christopher DiCarlo
Music & Audio Engineering: Toronto Sound
Voice Over Actor: Gordon Kerr
Swag & Social: Saif Malalla
Animation Lead: Viet Duy Lê

Special Thanks
∞ / Trevor ‘Ideas’ Landon
∞ / Sarah Eskandarpour
’09 / Daniel Libby
’09 / Boris Babkin
’09 / Mickey Hioe
’11 / Philo Mokhtarzada
’12 / Aaron Gaistman
’12 / Kevin Simard
’14 / Sophie Mokhtarzada
’16 / Sasha Pax Malich
’16 / Kevin McLoughlin
’17 / Viviene Bansie
’18 / Gustavo Quintini
’19 / Jenn Nguyen
’19 / Dr Christopher DiCarlo

’19 / Darnell Toth
’19 / Matt Makarenko
’20 / Diane Tapia
’20 / Kharisel Nosis
’20 / Saif Malalla
’20 / Ted Leonhardt
’20 / Erica Seguin
’20 / Lynn Mai
’21 / Tanya Natapov
’21 / Lorne Shapiro
’21 / Ana Althoff
’21 / Vic So
’21 / Leo Schwarz
’21 / Pa Kim
’21 / Sang Tran

The Cartoon




Hungry Little Monster book



A Reader’s Companion


Dear reader, You may have noticed some unusual details in Hungry Little Monster. Illustrated in an adorable style, this storybook is suitable for curious readers of all ages. Some may revisit the story again and again. On your returns, you might stumble upon one or more Easter eggs intended for mature audiences. Some readers may rightly believe the story is about eating mushrooms. But what if we told you, the mushrooms also did the eating?


Hungry Little Monster - From concept to rendering
Hungry Little Monster - Wisdom between duality
Hungry Little Monster - Opened Book
Hungry Little Monster - Eating a Vroom



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