Mirrius – Star Trek Art Show

An Interstellar Inauguration Through the Pixel Dreams Portal

Summer 2012

Once upon a cosmic spin, in a gallery not so far away, there took place a celebration of imagination and technology that sparked a blaze of colour and design. An enchanting realm where the Earth’s creative prowess meets the galaxy’s infinite mysteries, this was no ordinary gathering; it was a stellar art party.
The first thing that struck the senses was a storm of colours as guests entered the laser-lit wonderland. Intricate patterns of light cut through the air, mimicking the spectacular beauty of nebulae and star clusters. This celestial light show, itself a spectacular work of art, proved to be a fitting gateway to the world beyond.
As visitors moved through this spectacle, their eyes were drawn to the heart of the exhibition – a mesmerizing array of laser-cut and laser-engraved artworks. With uncanny precision and exquisite detail, these pieces paid homage to human ingenuity and our love for the cosmic frontier. From abstract representations of galaxies to intricate depictions of spacecraft, the fusion of art and laser technology created a multi-sensory extravaganza, uniting the microcosm of human creativity with the macrocosm of our universe.
Notably, the spirit of sci-fi storytelling was strongly present throughout the gallery. Unique installations breathed life into Star Trek’s spirit of exploration and discovery. One could easily find themselves captivated by an intricate laser-engraved tribute to the U.S.S Enterprise, or by a light sculpture echoing Star Trek’s iconic badge symbol.
An astounding corner of the gallery displayed a constellation of art pieces, each inspired by out-of-this-world fantasies. They brought to life extraterrestrial landscapes, cosmic phenomena, and creatures from corners of the universe our physical bodies can’t yet reach. These works served as a testament to humanity’s undying curiosity for what lies beyond the star-studded curtain of our night sky.
This was more than just an art party; it was a harmonious intersection of past, present, and future, a collision of art and science, an ode to the human yearning for exploration. It was a celebration of our eternal journey, from the depths of our imagination to the endless expanses of the universe. Guests departed not only with vibrant memories but also limited edition works of art, tokens of a night spent sailing among the stars.
As envisioned, the Pixel Dreams team in collaboration with Mirrius, transported guests in a fantastical voyage through the cosmos, fuelled by imagination and the love for the endless possibilities that await us among the stars.



Elevators transformed into turbolifts, quickly moving passengers onto the PD starship.


Glass Woman

A celestial fusion of glass and dreams, she emerges as a crystalline muse from the realms of Star Trek, capturing the essence of art and sci-fi in a delicate and ethereal piece.


Stellar Schematics

Illuminating the cosmos in intricate lines and celestial blueprints, our Star Trek-inspired art installations unveil the hidden mechanisms of the universe, inviting viewers to navigate the galaxies through the lens of imagination and mathematics.


Murals of Logic

Travellers were immersed in the cosmic synergy of timeless wisdom and intellectual prowess showcased by murals of Spock and Data. These meticulously crafted artworks captured the essence of two iconic Star Trek characters, inviting you to explore the depths of their enigmatic personalities and ponder the mysteries of emotion they traverse.

“Logic is the beginning of wisdom, not the end of it.” Wise words from our friend Spock. And what is art, if not meant to arouse the emotions. What would Data say?


Smiling Art. Magical Trekkies.

The PD studio was filled with magical art and smiling Trekkies.


Light-speed Communication

Emails and posters designed to celebrate Trek-Life.