Nintendo Controllers

A history from NES to Switch

Summer 2023


Celebrating Philo’s 12th birthday, his dreams of becoming a video game maker, and his passion for video games, ‘Nintendo Controllers’ is a 36×24 inches digital print journey through time. This matte poster, styled as a schematic blueprint, traces the evolution of Nintendo controllers from the 1983 NES to the 2017 Switch. What’s even more unique? Each controller is meticulously illustrated to a 1:1 scale, outlined in lines that echo the original controller colours, making this piece a life-sized walk through gaming history. The tagline, ‘Master yourself. Control your moves. Level up your life,’ embodies this piece — it’s about much more than just gaming, it’s about taking control and shaping your own destiny.

Oh, and a fun behind-the-scenes tidbit: during our detailed research for this project, we discovered that the dimensions for the Wii controller listed everywhere online were incorrect! We took it upon ourselves to set the record straight—updating the Wikipedia page with the right dimensions, and uploading photos with measurements for proof. It’s these unexpected adventures that add a layer of fun to the creation process. This piece, eschewing logos and trademarks, stands not merely as a Nintendo poster, but as a symbol of empowerment and a testament to the joy of gaming itself.



Creative Director & Illustrator: KM
Tagline & QA: Lannie Le


Digital print on matte, 36×24 inches



Nintendo Controllers Over Time - Framed
Nintendo Controllers Over Time - photo 03
Nintendo Controllers Over Time - photo 03
Nintendo Controller 1983 NES
Nintendo Controller 1991 SNES
Nintendo Controller 1996 N64
Nintendo Controller 2001 GameCube
Nintendo Controller 2006 Wii
Nintendo Controller 2012 Wii U
Nintendo Controller 2017 Switch
Nintendo Controllers Over Time - Photo