Painting with Pixels

Get in flow with the Pixel Dreams Team.

Spring 2010


Indulging in the arts and crafts is a great way to break from our day-to-day busyness. Often we forget the joys of sitting together and doodling, painting, and creating. For four consecutive Friday evenings, we gathered as friends, family and community at our studio to disconnect from the norm and lose ourselves in to flow. No past nor present, only The Now. We called our weekly event: “Painting with Pixels;” Pixels representing our Pixel Dreams Team. Showcased are paintings created by our Founders Lannie Le and KM.



8″ x 8″ / Acrylic on canvas

Art by Lan

Grumpy Choco-Chip Goomba (Inspired after CEO, KM)


Royal Star Power

All-seeing Fire Flower


Mushroom-Head High



Art by KM

The Cunning Commander’s Cobra Gun Salute

The Loyal Bumblebee Prime


Hangry For Pizza, Mikey