Uzimon – Steven Seagal music video

When ya pick up the phone and dial, but God don’t asnwer when ye’ call. Dial 1-800 Steven Seagal.

Spring 2013

It all started on our way to see Carla Catherwood’s Army of Sass, novo-burlesque show, which we of course were major sponsors of. In a night of intoxicated fury, our captain Kal Sayid turned to Partner Trevor Landon and said, “We should throw down a reggae concert with Uzimon!” They both ecstatically agreed.

A few weeks later, Kal and videographer Ryan Vanmaurik met up with Uzi in Brooklyn, New York. A full day of shooting, and we were back at HQ prepping for our reggae concert, while building out the epic Steven Seagal music video.


Creative Director: Khalid M
Photographer/Videographer: Ryan Vanmaurik
Video Editor: Daniel R Libby
Motion Graphics Designer: Justine Nguyen

Song: Steven Seagal 2.0
Album: Pussy Weapon, 2011

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