Wrath of Khan – Trailer Remix

A love of two cultures

Fall 2015


Recently, our team re-watched the movie Star Trek II, The Wrath of Khan — Probably the 420th time. Even more recently, the fantastic trailer for Star Wars, The Force Awakens came out. We must have watched it 420 times. So much watercooler geek-talk sparked a wild idea: Use the epic Force Awakens trailer score and recreate the movie trailer for one of our all-time favourite sci-fi movies: The Wrath of Khan. As fans of both franchises, we hope this mash-up brings joy to you as much as it did for our creative team making it.

In tribute of the Vulcan philosophy, “infinite diversity in infinite combinations,” thank you, Gene Roddenberry and George Lucas.


Khalid M, Creative Director
Daniel R. Libby, Video Editor:
Mark Galura, Motion Graphics Designer

Thank you:

Gene Roddenberry, for Star Trek
George Lucas, for Star Wars
John Williams, for the epic score

The Remix


Wrath of Khan – Remixed trailer to The Force Awakens score




The Originals


Star Wars 7, The Force Awakens trailer




Star Trek II, Wrath of Khan – Original 1982 trailer