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Welcome to WednesdAI – Pixel Dreams’ weekly update with top stories from the rapidly evolving world of Artificial Intelligence.

World-changing shake-ups to the way humans do creativity is becoming the norm as we round up the AI news…




Generate Your Own Video Games

Generate Your Own Video Games

A groundbreaking AI from Google and the University of British Columbia can generate playable 2D games from basic prompts


Genie represents a breakthrough in creating interactive environments, enabling users to generate games akin to Super Mario Brothers from just an image. This innovation showcases the potential of AI in revolutionizing game design and interactive media.

Visit Google’s DeepMind page for full details.




Stable Diffusion 3 Challenges Midjourney & Dall-E

Stability AI shifts the creative paradigm for artists and developers alike.

Stability AI’s latest update, Stable Diffusion 3, marks a significant leap in AI image generation, challenging the advancements of Midjourney, DALL-E, and Google Imagen. This update introduces a new diffusion transformer architecture, enhancing text handling and image quality, and shows remarkable adherence to complex prompts. Despite limited public access, early samples suggest it could redefine creativity in AI art, promising more improvements and collaborative features in its full release.

YouTuber MattVidProAI explains what’s so remarkable about Stable Diffusion 3’s capabilities:


Detailed analysis at Creative Bloq.




Sora Disrupts Hollywood

An $800 million studio expansion was paused when Tyler Perry saw OpenAI’s Sora announcement.

Following up with real world impacts of last week’s top story – Perry expressed his astonishment at Sora’s capabilities, which include generating high-definition video clips from text descriptions. The technology’s potential to make traditional filmmaking processes obsolete has Perry worried about the future of entertainment industry jobs. He advocates for regulations to protect the industry and calls for a government approach to sustain human employment in the face of AI advancements.

Read the full interview at The Hollywood Reporter.



A Smarter Internet

A Vision for a Smarter Internet

Elon Musk’s AI company, xAI, aims to transform our engagement with internet data.

Grok 1.5 features capabilities such as summarizing online discussions and enhancing content creation, potentially revolutionizing our online information experience. Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter, and rumored interest in Reddit, highlight his strategic approach to amass data for Grok’s optimization. While Grok 1.5 promises a new era in data analysis, it also brings forth discussions on privacy and the ethical use of AI technologies.

See the full breakdown at



Organize PDFs

Manage PDFs with AI

Adobe’s latest update to Acrobat introduces an AI Assistant.

This feature allows for easy interaction with documents, offering summaries, answering questions, and making content recommendations. The AI Assistant promises to streamline the management of extensive documents, facilitating quick information retrieval for research, emails, and presentations without compromising data privacy.

Full details at The Verge.



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