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Taking a Taxi to the Next AI Frontier

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Welcome to WednesdAI – Pixel Dreams’ weekly update with top stories from the rapidly evolving world of Artificial Intelligence.

Come with us as AI technology takes us on a journey.




Tesla Robotaxi Coming in August

Self-driving taxis announced for this Autumn.

Elon Musk announced that a self-driving Tesla robotaxi would be unveiled on August 8. Analysts remain skeptical, viewing the robotaxi unveiling as aspirational and questioning the readiness of the technology. Meanwhile, Tesla has reported 1 billion miles driven using its Full Self-Driving (FSD) software, as it aims to meet regulatory approval for widespread deployment of its self-driving vehicles.

Get full details at Barron’s.



Canadian Parliament made out of computer parts

Securing Canada’s AI Advantage

The Prime Minister’s office seeks to maintain Canada’s competitive edge.

Canada seeks to bolster its position in the global AI landscape with a $2.4 billion investment package. It focuses on expanding computing capabilities and technological infrastructure, fostering AI startups, and encouraging AI adoption in key sectors. It also establishes a new Canadian AI Safety Institute and strengthens enforcement of the Artificial Intelligence and Data Act.

Read the full announcement by the Government of Canada.



A painter at work on artificial intelligence

Image Corrections via Inpainting Arrives in DALL-E

Paint over areas and apply changes via text prompts.

OpenAI has released an editor interface for DALL-E. This feature allows for detailed edits by highlighting areas or applying changes via chat prompts. Amidst a competitive AI image generator market, this update enhances DALL-E’s usability and positions OpenAI as a frontrunner in expanding generative AI across multimedia, with recent developments like the video generator Sora and the Voice Engine.

Get full details in OpenAI’s Help Center.



new Gmail feature

“Summarize this Email” in Gmail

Summarize lengthy or detailed emails with one click.

Google is reportedly integrating a “summarize this email” feature into the Gmail app for Android. This function, currently available for enterprise users through Google’s Gemini for Workspace suite on desktops, aims to extend to consumer use within the Gmail app, facilitating concise summaries of lengthy or complex emails directly on smartphones. .

Find out how the feature was discovered by clever users at Android Central.



close up of an eye

Videos of the Week

Dustin Hollywood delivers the goods once again with a demo AI-generated commercial:


Edgehunter by Dave Clark is the future of animated filmmaking, combining stock footage, Unreal Engine, AI Style transfer, Midjourney, and putting it all together in Adobe Premiere:


Check out this incredible AI-generated Maya Angelou biopic trailer:


And even though it’s just a test, Kabooki Doodles by Kabooki AI is awesome. Video in Haiper, music in Suno:


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The images accompanying the news items in this article were generated in Midjourney using the following prompts:

a beautiful cyborg woman looks at the viewer while driving a taxi

Canadian Parliament made out of computer parts
a model of The Canadian Parliament buildings made out of spare computer parts, wires and screens, with a waving canadian flag

A painter at work on artificial intelligence
cinematic image of a painter applying her brush to a complicated robotic looking box with technology spilling out of it

new Gmail feature
A surreal, photorealistic depiction of a person standing atop a vast, floating email icon. As they hold a sleek device showing Gmail’s summarization feature, the chaotic motion around them slows, symbolizing the time-saving aspect. The background is a surreal blend of daytime and nighttime skies, reflecting the concept of saving time at any moment. Created Using: digital art with photorealistic textures, surreal time concept, dynamic motion blur, sharp focus on the person and device, contrast between chaotic surroundings and the calm subject, twilight and dawn sky blend


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