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Entertaining, Innovating, and Saving Lives

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Welcome to WednesdAI – Pixel Dreams’ weekly update with top stories from the rapidly evolving world of Artificial Intelligence.

From entertainment to sports to saving a man’s life, this week’s news is incredible so let’s get started.




Grok AI Mimics Human Spatial Perception

New xAI model expands AI’s Understanding of the Physical World.

Grok-1.5V is a new multimodal AI model from Grok capable of processing a wide array of visual and textual information. Grok-1.5V stands out in its ability to understand real-world spatial contexts. This benchmark, comprising over 700 images, challenges AI models to interpret real-world scenarios. The model’s introduction marks a significant step towards enhancing AI’s capabilities in multimodal understanding and real-world application.




Read the full announcement and explore sample use cases on




New AI Supercomputer for Engineering Students

Georgia Tech students to experience hands-on AI learning Enhanced with supercomputing power.

Georgia Tech, in collaboration with Nvidia, is set to transform AI education through the creation of the AI Makerspace, a dedicated supercomputing facility designed to provide engineering students unprecedented access to advanced AI resources. The AI Makerspace will equip students with a cluster of 20 Nvidia HGX H100s, totaling 160 GPUs, which allows for sophisticated AI and machine learning projects. The initiative aims to integrate the Makerspace into the curriculum across all eight engineering schools by fall 2024, with plans to extend access to all engineering students by 2025. This partnership marks a significant step in hands-on AI education, preparing students to lead in the evolving AI sector.

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New Generative AI Features Coming to Premiere Pro

Generate and Extend footage, Add or Remove on-screen elements, natively.

In this brief demo, Adobe announces new generative AI capabilities coming this year to Premiere Pro. Use Firefly to generate, add, or remove on screen elements on the fly, or use third party plugins from Pika, Sora, and Runway to generate new clips, or to extend your footage.




Tesla’s Self-Driving Feature Saved a Man’s Life

The car drove itself to the hospital when a man’s insulin pump failed.

Cinematographer Max Paul Franklin’s Tesla Model Y swiftly transported him to the hospital during a medical crisis. In the early hours, after Tesla had activated Full Self-Driving across America, Franklin experienced severe dehydration and dangerously high blood glucose due to an insulin pump failure. His Tesla navigated 13 miles autonomously, allowing him to get urgent care quickly. This incident highlights the potential life-saving aspect of autonomous driving technology.

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Robots playing soccer

Robots Play Soccer, Demonstrate the Future

Deep reinforcement learning (RL) advances capabilities of humanoid robots.

Low-cost robots equipped with basic proprioceptive and motion capture systems, demonstrated sophisticated behaviors such as dynamic agility and strategic gameplay, previously unattainable with conventional programming, in a friendly game of soccer. The deep RL technique not only surpassed traditional scripted methods but also proved effective in real-world applications. This breakthrough promises more autonomous and versatile robotic systems.

Read the abstract at





Videos of the Week

This past weekend was The 72-hour Film Fast competition by Pika and ElevenLabs. Individuals and team creators had from Friday to Sunday to create a narrative film between 1 and 4 minutes. This was a huge deal with most of the creators we’ve been following taking part, and the entries pushed the boundaries of AI-filmmaking. Here are some of our favorites:

LoveBytes: Ai-Mee is Heartless” by Le Moon & Ethereal Gwirl


Hotel Post-Reality by Ilya Shapko


Nexus by Dustin Hollywood


The Control Freaks by Mean Orange Cat


So many amazing entries, and so many new people to follow!


Join us every Wednesday for WednesdAI – a Pixel Dreams production



The images accompanying the news items in this article were generated in Midjourney using the following prompts:

A cinematic, artistic rendering of an AI conductor, designed with a blend of classical and futuristic elements, orchestrating a symphony with light-based baton gestures. The AI is surrounded by holographic displays of musical scores and vibrant light trails that synchronize with the orchestra’s performance, from a drama film in the 1990s

A scene from a 1980s comedy movie featuring university students laughing and pointing at a futuristic AI supercomputer. The AI is shooting sparks and lasers, creating a spectacular light show in a cluttered university lab

color photo of a film editor in the 1970s hard at work with his humanoid robot assistant in a hollywood editing suite

an exciting action movie scene of a Tesla Model Y zooming away from an evil giant robot chasing it down the freeway, explosions and debris all around

a scene from an inspirational 1990s sports movie of two humanoid robots in national uniforms playing soccer in the final game of the world cup


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