The Candidate Journey

Getting to know each other, one step at a time.

The Journey

Not all candidates go through the same journey, nor in the same order. Depending on the role, level of seniority, screening interview, and a variety of other factors, the journey may be short or quite long.

Our goal in hiring: Add to our A-Player Team.

A-Players want to join A-Player Teams.



One Questionnaire

We appreciate that not everyone is great at interviews. Some of our most talented A-Players bombed their interviews. The questionnaire process provides you an opportunity to answer questions in a comfortable setting, at your leisure. You can write as little or as much, expressing yourself in your own unique way without the psychological or time pressure of a typical interview.

“From the beginning of this process, I was truly impressed by how in-depth and dedicated you are to finding the right person for the position with your thorough questionnaire.”
– LL“I have just completed the Candidate Questionnaire form. I am happy to answer such broad questions, not just design-oriented.”
– BN

“I am confirming reception of the questionnaire, this looks fun!”
– DB



Three Virtual Interviews

1. Virtual Coffee Date (20-40 mins)
Think of this meeting as a quick coffee date. Our mutual goal is to look for fit and uncover potential deal-breakers.

2. Virtual Dinner Date (60-120 mins)
Getting serious about a commitment? This meeting allows us to dive deeper, asking important questions of each other pertaining to culture, fit, opportunies ahead, and more.

3. Meet the Family (30-60 mins)
Optional and reserved typically for senior roles, this is a reverse interview. You get to interview teammates, asking whatever is on your mind and in your heart. Teammates include a mix of veterans and newbies from different departments.


Test Projects

Not all candidates go through a testing phase.

Test projects are…

  • a great way for us to assess your work quality.
  • a great way for you to assess if you’ll like the work.
You can do interviews, questionnaires, and assessments. What you’re really looking for is, can they do the job? The best thing you can do is take the person, and have them do the job for a couple days. You’d be surprised that people will come for a day, even a week, to do the job, regardless of how senior they are. That’s the best way for them to get a feel for the company.



Personality Assessments

There are a handful of assessments that have become tremendously impactful to our team’s winning strategy. There are no ‘bad’ or ‘wrong’ assessments. Our goal is to better understand your unique working style, approach, strengths and weaknesses. Only near the end of our journey, will we ask you to take part. (Usually, when we’re secretly excited to hire you.)

The four assessments include:

  • DiSC Personality Style
  • Kolbe-A Conative Score
  • Seligman Optimism Score
  • Critical Thinking Assessment


“I better understand how we and others function, and it helps bridge gaps in approach/framework. I’ve seen firsthand how it’s allowed everyone here to better utilize each others’ strengths and make better decisions overall on who should be doing what.”
– ES“Assessments have completely opened up my eyes to parts of my personality I never understood before. I used to always wear many hats at work and felt like I should be good at everything. Now I understand that it’s okay to have certain strengths and motivations that make me unique. Allowing myself to focus on those strengths has increased my productivity and also my happiness. I’m no longer stressed out doing so many tasks that are outside of my unique talents. It’s also made me aware of my areas of weakness which has humbled me, and shown me how collaborating with other team members who have complimentary strengths can create an epic Megazord of teamwork. We are stronger together!”
– MM

The assessments taught me to be more perceptive, examine situations, and reflect on them to guide my future course of action. They have been a tremendous eye-opener for me and great tools in my quest for personal growth.
– DT



Duty To Thyself

It’s common for candidates to be excited and inspired at the potential of working at a new place. We’re guilty of being excited to have new team members join us! However, like all new relationships, our perceptions can be rosier than usual. This is dangerous for all parties. We aim not to be buzz-kills, only prudent in reminding both ourselves and candidates, that not all relationships are meant to be.

Sometimes it’s culture. Sometimes it’s the work. Whatever it is, it’s okay to walk away. It’s better to determine we’re not the right fit than to cross our fingers and hope for the best.

It is vitally important that you do your research, ask hard-hitting questions for our team, and aim to dive deep. Remember: you should be assessing us, just as much as we’re assessing you.

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